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Winslow update and more!

Shameless self promotion alert! Most Schott prices going up 5-10% 05/01/12 get yours now!

The Romones in their Schott jackets

 I did an overnighter to meet Joe, a General Contractor might help us with the hard stuff (walls, foundation, sewer line). Then we’ll do the fun stuff (tile, flooring, finish stuff). Then he’ll bail us out when we get stuck.

Joe grew up in Winslow and did work on the Motor Palace when it was Jenny’s. It turns out Jenny’s was named after the owners wife and he still lives in the area. Joe’s going to arrange for us to meet.

A better shot of Jigger and Dusty’s table.

That framing’s coming down.
This wall’s going to be replaced.

Another contrived reflection shot.

I picked up some supplies on the way home…

Meteor City Trading Post.

…and stopped by the Snow Cap for a couple tacos, then made a bonsai run home.

Snow Cap Seligman
Old Ford Trunk we found in Orange a couple weeks ago.
These mirrors came from a casino in Tahoe, they’ll look great in Winslow. 
We picked up this bike and spent two hours in a crazy vintage bicycle shop buying a couple parts including an ass killing seat. We disassembled the crank, hubs, steering bearings, and derailleur, then cleaned, lubed, reassembled and adjusted everything. The chain only jumped off once on our maiden ride. It’s two days later and my ass is still sore. 

1962 Schwinn Varsity
Jewels from next door coming to visit.
Lori made sopapillas

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