Why one should attend Deus Sunday Mass!

I saw a guy shooting with a Leica M8 at last month’s Deus Sunday Mass and since I’ve had Lust for Leica (get it?) most of my adult life I took advantage of the opportunity to speak to it’s owner.
The Photographers name is Peter Heck and it turns out he likes it. He spent considerable time teaching me about it and making lens recommendations. He never said so, but over the course of our conversation I got the idea he wasn’t just taking snapshots for his Facebook page. As usual our conversation drifted to motorcycles and motorcycle things, (he rides a modified/lightened/hot rodded BMW R90/6). As we wrapped our conversation we exchanged cards confirming my suspicion, Peter’s a professional photographer. We’ve stayed in touch since returned to Germany and he’s been kind enough to share more photos of his motorcycle, these taken on a ride through the French Alps.
Anyway the point here is you should go to Deus Sunday Mass. “For sure” they’ll have a smokin’ hot band, beers, Handsome Coffee, lots of motorcycles, cool stuff for sale, nice people, and if you’re lucky you’ll meet a professional photographer who will send you fabulous pictures of motorcycles to make your next blog post look as good as this one. Thanks Peter, thanks Deus Ex Machina!
Peter Heck
Peter Heck

Peter Heck

Peter Heck

Peter Heck
Here’s one he shot in So-Cal
Peter Heck

Here’s a closer look of Peter’s R90/6. Check out the Dell Ortos, deleted airbox cover, shortened front fender, dual discs, and R1200C fly screen.
Peter Heck

Peter, below are pictures of a Schott 641 and a few Bates Leather jackets. The non black ones are all two piece suits. The shorter ones are zip together models.

Schott 641
Current Bates custom suit.
Probably ’60s custom for sponsored rider from Floyd Emde’s shop.
Any info on J.S. would be appreciated.

Terry Watanabe’s late ’60s Jacket. Terry was a Suzuki Test engineer on things like the X6 Hustler. He liked California so much he took a job as a technician at Irv Seaver Motorcycle (our favorite BMW shop) and stayed there forever. 

“80s custom, going for the Honda VFR crowd

Pretty sure this is from the ’60s

A great longer jacket from late ’60’s or ’70s

“Bones” Dave Aldana replica made by ABC in the late ’60s. Bates purchased ABC shortly after these were made. 

Current custom suit.

Things are moving ahead WFO in Winslow, we will be out there next week with plans to camp out in the 66 Motor Palace for the first time. Wish us luck!

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