Route 66 and I-40 to Winslow
I made it to Ludlow in time for breakfast, fueled up and arrived in Winslow around by 1:30. The weather was perfect as I trailed thunderstorms across the Deserts and Plateaus, catching a smaller one outside Flagstaff.

Tasty Ham Steak from the Ludlow Cafe
Roy’s was busy with a film crew so I bought some water and got out of the way.
Meteor City Trading Post…Winslow’s just ahead!

Mud Room’s almost done!
Paint’s on, tile’s up except for grout, and the boxes of wood for the floor are delivered. The room’s shaping up well and we’re pretty excited about trying the place out!
The tub goes between the class block

The tub

Old meets new. We’re going to build a frame around the bricks.

We want to leave this exposed and remove most of the framing on the walls
Around town
I had time to kill before dinner and explored a few dirt roads the area. There were clouds in every direction supplying a steady display of lightning. It felt good to walk in the warm breeze and the smell of rain in the distance. 
These are just outside town. Don’t know what they are.

Waiting for the storm by a creek.
The creek with Prom Invitation. The sky wasn’t this blue (see above). I set the wrong white balance in the camera.

Waiting for a storm and a good dinner at BoJo’s.

Storm arrived just before a good dinner at BoJo’s. Waiting for the power to return (it didn’t).
The drive home
I’ve been down the stretch of Route 66 between Seligman and Ash Fork more times than I remember and I’d never noticed this old section. It looks like it was bypassed to build a new bridge over the railroad tracks and it’s only about 30 feet from the current alignment. 
The bridge is in front of the Ram.
The Bridge
East side of bridge
On the bridge looking east
Under the bridge
Seligman was packed, Snow Cap had a line out the door!
Angel is always interested in meeting new people and hearing their stories. This guy brought a drum to show him.
Closed? Nah…the Road goes on Forever.

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  1. Couldn't go through Seligman without getting chile rellenos at a crazy little joint there. Kills me that I can't think of the name. Would have heartburn all the way to Kingman or Flagstaff depending which way I was going. I knew better, but I stopped every time. Wonder if its still there.

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