Back on December 2nd we loaded the L-Rod with cash and warm Made in USA clothing and headed to Cambria in search of a new/old truck. Lori wants a Panel Truck and I’m thinkin’ ’70s Stepside 4×4. I know-I know get the Panel, but I’ve wanted a Stepside Chevy since high school.

L-Rod and Lori at Cambria Palms Motel.
Check it out! Room 6…that’s 66 less a 6 and the address is 2662 Main Street. Coincidence? I think not.

We had dinner at the Sow’s Ear. This place is great, the Chicken Fried Steak is real steak.  (View from Lynn’s Fruit Bin)

This is Camozzi’s. I was never thrown out of Camozzi’s…for sure. 

This a patio/garden area behind the Motel. The air was 45 degrees but the sun was so hot I had to take off my Jacket.  

After breakfast we drove to to see a ’62 Panel in Los Osos with short stops in Harmony and Cayucos.

Harmony: Population 18. Next time you’re on Highway One you should stop there.

Lori found this one but it wasn’t for sale.

Lori typing a letter in the Harmony Post Office.

She and this cat got along well.

Stay tuned for Truck Hunting II. Trucks are harder to find than we thought.

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