Lucky Triumph
Last week’s Triumph troubles are turning out to be a pretty good thing…if you’re the Triumph. Lori’s been wanting to do something with it for awhile and said, “Since it needs a battery I might as well take the gas tank off and see about paint.” So the battery’s here, the tank and rear fender are off, she’s shopping for a tail light assembly, and pondering some paint options. Here’s a few pictures of her tearing it apart after we siphoned the gas out of it.

Here’s a few more with the color turned on.

Agriculture Report
The seedlings were transplanted into their new pots Saturday. Lori knocked the bottoms out of the eggshells and planted them with Marigolds to help repel insects. They’re taking well to their new homes and look like they’ve grown in the last twenty four hours! More at 

Crazy Old Jeep
This Jeep caught my eye while fueling up last week. I been checking back to see who owns it and if it’s for sale. Today was my fourth visit and I still don’t know. It’s pretty much a roach and I probably ought to forget about it, but there’s something kinda cool about the thing.

04/09/13 The Jeeps owner just rescued it to fix it up for his Grandsons so it’s not for sale. I hope I get to see it when he’s done!

Bonus Picture
Lori pissing-off cars behind us so I could see the van. 

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