This picture should give the impression actual work happens at the 66 Motor Palace. The bench is real and so is the vice. The parts are real too. They were in the Palace when we bought it. I’m sure super observent readers have noticed there aren’t any tools in sight. You are correct, I just hauled this and another bench out Saturday and staged the photo ’cause I was bored. No work has been performed in the 66 Motor Palace for years.

Since I had time to kill and the weather was perfect I took a few more pictures after dinner. Here’s one now.

It’s the Palace just after dark. I used a tripod with a long exposure and low ISO to get the sky blue.

Below is another one of the Standin’ on the Corner Store across from “a corner.”

And here’s one of the reflection of “Standin’ on the Corner” park in the 66 Motor Palace’s window.

Anyway, I headed home Sunday to get Lori and we drove to Vegas Monday to meet with Ann from Dickie’s and Don from Schott NYC at the Magic/Project show. We have stocked up on the “classics” and have some limited seasonal items coming soon so make room in your closet now!

We got word on the drive back there was a fuel spill on the 15 at Baker and the freeway was shut down so we detoured through Mojave Desert Preserve. It added about fifty miles to the trip but was absolutely worth it. We’ve done Cima Rd. through Kelso to the 40 but got off at Nipton on the Vegas side of the grade this time. Try it both ways it’s fun either way.
We finally stopped at the Outpost Cafe at the 15 and 395 for the first time it was just what we wanted nice people and great food. Food they really cook! I’m sure most of you already know this but if you haven’t tried the Outpost you should. It’s a perfect stop on the way home from El Mirage, Death Valley, Vegas, Route 66/40…pretty much anywhere when you think about it.

Here’s a link to the pictures Lori took on the detour.
Link to facebook album “desert detour.”

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