ANOTHER WINSLOW DELIVERY Motor Palace and Motorcycles go together like Bondorella and stains on a garage floor. The problem was most of the motorcycles were in California until the last couple weeks. We still have a few loads to go but it sure feels good to fire one up and go for a little ride.… Continue reading PUTTING the MOTORCYCLES in MOTOR PALACE


Pre-dawn Winslow is a wonderful time of day. Morning air in Winslow is calm and clean, the trains are rumbling, coffee is hot, and people are visiting with “Easy”, Glenn, and the girl in the flatbed Ford. Morning Blues with Tommy Tommy Dukes sets up at the Arizona Trading Company around eight AM most days… Continue reading WINSLOW LIVING


The holiday season starts with Winslow’s annual Christmas Parade I’m told, “Everyone should experience Winslow’s Christmas parade once.” It’s true because for a few hours the people of Winslow demonstrate what a successful community is all about. First of all, it’s diverse by default. Participation is open to everyone and there’s no registration fee. You… Continue reading 72nd ANNUAL WINSLOW CHRISTMAS PARADE LAUNCHES 2018 HOLIDAY SEASON


Life on the Free Range According to the pictures found on egg cartons, Free Range chickens are happier.  So why not humans?  It turns out we are.  September twenty-ninth marks the one year anniversary of our vagabond lifestyle and we like it! Vagabond chickens are right. The plan was to settle somewhere within a month of… Continue reading FREE RANGE UPDATE

Winslow Week!

Yesterdays Work Winslow Arizona is 16° as I write this but will be in the mid 50s later. The important thing is it’s warm inside, I have a working coffee maker, and delicious coffee from Mojo Coffee here in Winslow. Coffee kitchen Where I’m sitting right now with fresh darker paint on walls. Morning sun… Continue reading Winslow Week!

Hanging around in Winslow

Lazy Travelers Last night was the first time we slept in the building except the time we slept on the floor and checked in to a motel early the next day. The time we learned about the cockroaches. This time we have cots, blankets, sink, toilet, air conditioning, and a bath tub. No clothes dryer…yet… Continue reading Hanging around in Winslow

Captain Jacks Summer Party

Captain Jack’s having another party in Denver and we’re riding the Sportsters again. This year we’ll be spending a little time in the Motor Palace instead of wondering if it really exists! The deal No computer, no iPad…just an iPhone and Leica X2. The blogs will be on the iPhone so pictures may be out… Continue reading Captain Jacks Summer Party

A fine time on the High Plateau

Today is our 15th Anniversary! Happy Anniversary Lori! Yesterday was nice too Lori took the truck to her parents so I hitched a ride from the motel with “Stoney” (a tile man working on the soon to be Soda Fountain across from us). The mornings have been cool and calm and at 7:00 tourists trickle… Continue reading A fine time on the High Plateau

Back to Route 66 and Winslow

Seligman! We scored again at Snow-Cap! Last summer’s rooftop show with John Delgadillo’s band was followed up with a performance by Angel’s band. Seligman is one of the best stops on Route 66, the Delgadillo family makes sure everyone has a good time. Angel is the person credited with organizing the movement to save Route… Continue reading Back to Route 66 and Winslow