ANOTHER WINSLOW DELIVERY Motor Palace and Motorcycles go together like Bondorella and stains on a garage floor. The problem was most of the motorcycles were in California until the last couple weeks. We still have a few loads to go but it sure feels good to fire one up and go for a little ride.… Continue reading PUTTING the MOTORCYCLES in MOTOR PALACE


Hibernation time is here  No tacos on Snow Cap’s patio before springtime.   A Cadillac seeks shelter on the cold streets of Winslow .     The cool girls bundle in preparation for cold days ahead. SaveSave Finally the green light is on for Santa’s stop in Amboy.

Twenty-four hours in Winslow

Route 66 and I-40 to Winslow I made it to Ludlow in time for breakfast, fueled up and arrived in Winslow around by 1:30. The weather was perfect as I trailed thunderstorms across the Deserts and Plateaus, catching a smaller one outside Flagstaff. Tasty Ham Steak from the Ludlow Cafe Roy’s was busy with a… Continue reading Twenty-four hours in Winslow

Camp 66 Motor Palace!

The mirror we bought at the swap meet in Tustin fits! We’ll hang it up after we paint. We finally got to sleep in the Motor Palace! The apartment’s almost done so we decided to give it a try for the 18th Annual “Just Cruzin’ Car Show.” “Almost done” as in electricity, water, toilet, walls,… Continue reading Camp 66 Motor Palace!

Sink Cruise and a little LBC

Late post alert! We went looking for a vintage bicycle a couple weeks ago and scored these treasures about five minutes in. Never did get a bicycle. Crazy vintage kidney belt for Lori. Pockets, snaps, zippers, and locks all work. Kennedy Kit full of Made in USA tools…and stuff. Old tin covered wooden machinist’s box… Continue reading Sink Cruise and a little LBC

Death Valley ride and lots of R80G/S pictures

Brian Jr. (no relationship) and I met up in Jawbone for a ride through Death Valley. The weather was  great and other than my chicken out on the Racetracks Playa road the trip was perfect. Brian JR. at Jawbone Store It’s dark out there Panamint Restaurant after closing time We spent our first night in… Continue reading Death Valley ride and lots of R80G/S pictures

Route 66 Fall Trip

 Time once again to hit the Mother Road for some fall fun and a quick check on the 66 Motor Palace in Winslow! Not a whole lot has changed along the route–which is good. For those of you on Facebook, who saw the picture Brian took of Lori taking a picture, well… here’s the picture… Continue reading Route 66 Fall Trip