Motor Palace and Motorcycles go together like Bondorella and stains on a garage floor. The problem was most of the motorcycles were in California until the last couple weeks. We still have a few loads to go but it sure feels good to fire one up and go for a little ride. It’ll be even better when I find my warm gloves. It’s cold here!

‘69 Jawa Speedway and ‘74 Yamaha MX 250 in pickup bed
Lazy motorcycles
‘69 Jawa Speedway on shop lift.
Settling in with a carb swap.
‘74 Yamaha MX250 standing on a corner with Glenn Frey statue.
The MX bonding with Glenn’s statue.


Kit at Christmas parade
There’s Kit, she’s not a motorcycle, but she likes them.
Benny and Kit in Christmas parade
There’s Kit and Bennie!
Santa on fire truck Winslow Christmas Parade
Santa was in town and took a tour on the fire truck.


Roy’s in Amboy threw a relighting party and camp out in celebration of their sign’s restoration. About thirty planes (mostly taildraggers) attended and put on quite a show in the morning.

Neon sign at Roy’s Cafe in Amboy California
Piper Pacer on Route 66 in Amboy
Hot-Rod Piper Cub flying over Roy’s Cafe


Old brick building in fresh snow.  Winslow AZ
We put a new facade of old bricks and bridge timbers from 1928 on the Carriage House. Doors coming soon!
Airstream in fresh snow next to Winslow Motor Palace
I love this thing.


Motorcycles in Winslow AZ parking lot.
It was 17° when we unloaded these motorcycles and they were pissed.
Motorcycles at the Motor Palace
The City of Winslow’s Motorcycle Parking is handy.
Harley-Davidson FatBoy at Motor Palace Mercantile
Still cold at Motor Palace Mercantile.
Train from BMW R50 on Route 66
It was cold here too
‘55 BMW R50 Motor Palace Mercantile
and here
Motorcycles in Winslow Motor Palace. Can-Am, Yamaha Honda
These things are worse than cats.
This one’s pretty cool, definitely not worse than a cat.


Zundap powered Rickman Matisse
The little Matisse is waiting for you to come visit.


Girl in western hat leaning on red wall in Winslow Arizona

Pre-dawn Winslow is a wonderful time of day.

Morning air in Winslow is calm and clean, the trains are rumbling, coffee is hot, and people are visiting with “Easy”, Glenn, and the girl in the flatbed Ford.

66 Motor Palace Winslow Arizona chandeliers in a dark room.
This is what the room is like while the coffee’s brewing.
Coffee poured from class percolator
Motor Palace Winslow Arizona 1948 Ford pickup outside glass garage door with blue early morning sky
Sunrise with Bondorella
Man standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona drinking coffee looking at Flat Bed Ford
Early-bird with his morning coffee looking for the girl.
Airstream coffee mug on wood table in Winslow 66 Motor Palace
Thank’s Corinne and Dani for the cool Airstream mug. I relive my month of urban camping in Old Town Orange with this.

Morning Blues with Tommy

Tommy Dukes sets up at the Arizona Trading Company around eight AM most days and jump starts the the corner with a few sets. Tourists’ love for him frequently results in spontaneous dance.

66 Motor Palace Winslow Arizona Tommy Dukes Bluesman with happy Standing on the Corner tourists.
Tourists trickling in.
Tommy Dukes playing guitar in Winslow Arizona
Tommy’s morning session
People on a corner in Winslow Arizona
Tommy and a happy dancer
Lori, Barry, and Valentina messing with Tommy's stuff.
Lori, Barry, and Valentina messing with Tommy’s stuff.
Tommy with our Singing Mayor Tom McCauley.

Living in Winslow

It’s been a few months in Winslow and I’m not sure life could be much better. We mess with stuff, hang out with friends, sit around, drink coffee, watch Lori’s feral cat “Babbitt”, and as always, we eat. The only things missing are our motorcycles, and a proper kitchen, that said, our motorcycles are in a top secret Southern California vault and our kitchen will have to wait.

Babbitt the feral cat, he’s cute and he likes Lori, eggs, cream, and ground beef.
Black Mercedes Benze 560SEL, Buick TourX, and Dodge B250 against old brick wall
Stuff parked and dirty next to the Motor Palace.
Two Ford F1 trucks parked next to brick wall of 66 Motor Palace Winslow Arizona.
Bondorella’s friend Jr. from New Orleans.
Lori on tall ladder staining rafters.
Standin’ on a ladder in Winslow AZ.
  • White Dodge Van at Richfield station where hotel scene form Easy Rider movie was shot. Bellemont Az
  • White Dodge Van "Dajibagn" on old Route66 60 miles wast os Winslow


Lori spends more time with her mom.
Old three cylinder Speedaire compressor.
Is this the worlds coolest air compressor or what?
Grey Corvette in front of the Motor Palace Mercantile in early morning Winslow Arizona
This Corvette is just what the Mercantile needs. More about the Mercantile later.
Lori in deep thought at Jack’s Canyon.
Free Range Ranchers with guide, DAVID HARTMAN.
Lori returns from a story for Winslow.Town.

That’s all for now, be sure to visit us often.


Lori approaching white VW convertible driven by David in parade Route 66 Winslow Arizona

The holiday season starts with Winslow’s annual Christmas Parade

I’m told, “Everyone should experience Winslow’s Christmas parade once.” It’s true because for a few hours the people of Winslow demonstrate what a successful community is all about. First of all, it’s diverse by default. Participation is open to everyone and there’s no registration fee. You can sign up and just walk.  Also, vendors line the streets offering food from generations-old family recipes. People return every year to see old friends and enjoy their favorite treats.

It’s best to arrive Friday or early Saturday and plan to stay ’til Sunday.  An estimated twenty-two thousand others will join you and parking is a challenge. Fortunately, the streets are closed to traffic allowing the parade to follow a loop over several blocks freeing the sidewalks.

Winslow Arizona Christmas parade 2018 Winslow High School Bulldog Band Route 66
The Winslow High School Bulldog Band.
Winslow Christmas Parade David & Elias in white VW Beetle Convertible Route 66 Rotary club
The Rotary Club, represented by David and Elias.
Winslow Arizona Christmas parade 2018 red vintage Farmall tractor waving and smiling Route 66
Winslow Arizona Christmas parade 2018 vendor.
Winslow Christmas Parade 2018  Mad dressed as Cat in a Hat from library.
Winslow Christmas Parade 2018 woman with big smile Route 66
Winslow Christmas Parade 2018 young girls passing out candy in Santa hats Route 66
Winslow Christmas Parade 2018 kid in turquoise colored traditional native outfit Route 66
Winslow Christmas Parade 2018 stylish kid wrapped  as package wearing leopard print Santa hat and cool boots Route 66
Winslow Christmas Parade 2018 elegant woman smiling with turquoise jewelry Route 66
Winslow Christmas Parade 2018 calm looking girl playing drums on a float Route 66.
Winslow Christmas Parade Kid in Santa hat passing out candy Route 66
Winslow Christmas Parade 2018 Sheriff's posse rider on horse Route 66

Winslow Arizona Christmas parade 2018 Lori Bentley Law Motordolls Route66
Lori doing her thing

Visit the following links for places to stay and more:

Thanks for looking, please check back for progress reports on The Motor Palace (lots happening right now) in addition to an introduction to our 1991 Dodge support van!


Free Range Vagabond Route 66

Life on the Free Range

66 Motor Palace Route66 Road Trip grand canyon caverns
Grand Canyon Caverns golf course

According to the pictures found on egg cartons, Free Range chickens are happier.  So why not humans?  It turns out we are.  September twenty-ninth marks the one year anniversary of our vagabond lifestyle and we like it!

Vagabond chickens are right.

The plan was to settle somewhere within a month of selling our condo, but the months passed and we aren’t ready to settle down.  We don’t even want to look at places.  Bouncing to different locations every week and meeting new people is fun, and it’s a little less money than full-time rent (we stay at Two Crows on weekends), and I can’t imagine being tied to another mortgage and owner’s expenses right now.  We’ve settled into a routine and do a mix of new places as well as favorites we repeat such as the Hotel Peppertree (a Free Range favorite) conveniently located across the street from Vallarta Market and a few great Airbnbs.

Images of Hotel Pepper Tree.

See Lori’s post to read about its history and return from the edge.

Lori’s Christmas Present Lives

After many months of tinkering, the tandem bicycle is dialed in and we took it for a long ride around Orange. We had fun and didn’t get killed.

I rode (motorcycle) to San Diego and found this:

Harley-Davidson Livewire Free

This is Harley-Davidson’s Livewire.  It’s electric powered and really cool.  It lands somewhere between a Swiss watch and a sledgehammer.  Harley- Davidson’s release is planned for Q3 2019, giving their dealers time to build the charging infrastructure and train for the big day.  Livewire is compatible with existing automobile charging stations and will be released in limited supplies to markets with higher of existing E powered and other free-range vehicles.

Here’s a link to Harley-Davidson’s page with more info.

Our twentieth wedding anniversary week was spent in Winslow with an overnight stay in Wickenburg.

Lori’s brother and former vagabond Wayne returned the Can-Am in better shape than it left.  He did a cool ISDT style mod and it’s never run better.

Vagabond Can-Am TNT 66 Motor Palace

We spent hours cleaning and organizing over at the Emporium and added about fifteen hundred usable square feet of space.  Curtis Hardy is working on the masonry repairs and Motor Palace is looking even better.

That’s all for now but we’re working on a couple exciting projects and planning our next trip to Winslow. Be sure to check out Lori’s site for more details and better pictures of the vagabond life. She updates about once a week.  LINK to LORI seriously, I just looked at it. She’s way better.

Who knew La Habra is cool?

Who knew La Habra is cool?

I’d never been to La Habra Heights, but Lori found a cool AirBnB cabin so there we were.  La Habra Heights sits on the Orange and LA County border in a semi-rural area surrounded by suburbs for miles–which is actually pretty nice.  There’s a good balance between privacy and convenience.  It’s really a great place and I wish we’d known about it ten years ago.  Oh well, we were La Habrans for a week, Heights that is.

The place we stayed is four miles from Whittier Blvd and the La Habra El Cholo restaurant location.  El Cholo is a So-Cal chain founded in 1932, sort of a tourist trap, but not really.  If someone mentions it,  someone else (including myself) will say, “It’s ok, but you gotta try blank.”  That said, if you get a chance try El Cholo. It really is good, the service friendly, and the rooms are inspired by the early California Ranchos.  They have dates on menu items indicating when they were originally served, try the 1923 Red Chile, it’s epic.El Cholo Restaurant, La Habra California

We spent a few days in Winslow

We got a lot done too!  First a productive meeting with Joe.  He is going to finish the Motor Palace on a more regular schedule and is sorting out the building permits now.  We’re making several small changes that will streamline and improve the project.  The Emporium building is allowing us to keep the Motor Palace more focused on motor stuff.

Lots of progress moving, cleaning, and sorting furniture opened the back half of the Emporium.  The front looks better and it’s more organized too.  Most of the quarter-sawn oak pieces will be permanent fixtures in the Motor Palace and the Emporium.

Schwann Bicycles, Crow, Big RigsWinslow Arizona Route66 Winslow Arizona Route66Winslow Arizona Route66Motor Doll, On a Corner, Winslow Arizona

Thankful for …

Wednesday’s drive had us home just after dusk.  Thursday began before sunrise with baking sweet potatoes and cornbread then meeting Vince to pick up our little Airstream.  The rest of the beautiful day, we spent cooking, eating, and enjoying the Mojave’s Autumn colors.  And of course, messing with our trailer into late evening.Airstream Two Crows Homestead Yucca Valley1 (2)Joshua Tree Two Crows Homestead Yucca ValleyThanksgiving Dinner1966 Airstream Caravel


Vagabond Update

After our Two Crows Thanksgiving, we camped out at the Hotel Indigo in Anaheim and watched the Disney fireworks.  Next was Katie’s Pool House for the week, then back to Two Crows for more good food and Airstream tuning.  A new battery will keep the lights and water pump happy, and we also dry fit the new water heater. The plan is to have it 100% before New Year’s.

Vagabond Life Disney

Vagabond Life

Vagabond Life

Thanks for reading!






















Winslow update and more!

Shameless self promotion alert! Most Schott prices going up 5-10% 05/01/12 get yours now!

The Romones in their Schott jackets

 I did an overnighter to meet Joe, a General Contractor might help us with the hard stuff (walls, foundation, sewer line). Then we’ll do the fun stuff (tile, flooring, finish stuff). Then he’ll bail us out when we get stuck.

Joe grew up in Winslow and did work on the Motor Palace when it was Jenny’s. It turns out Jenny’s was named after the owners wife and he still lives in the area. Joe’s going to arrange for us to meet.

A better shot of Jigger and Dusty’s table.

That framing’s coming down.
This wall’s going to be replaced.

Another contrived reflection shot.

I picked up some supplies on the way home…

Meteor City Trading Post.

…and stopped by the Snow Cap for a couple tacos, then made a bonsai run home.

Snow Cap Seligman
Old Ford Trunk we found in Orange a couple weeks ago.
These mirrors came from a casino in Tahoe, they’ll look great in Winslow. 
We picked up this bike and spent two hours in a crazy vintage bicycle shop buying a couple parts including an ass killing seat. We disassembled the crank, hubs, steering bearings, and derailleur, then cleaned, lubed, reassembled and adjusted everything. The chain only jumped off once on our maiden ride. It’s two days later and my ass is still sore. 

1962 Schwinn Varsity
Jewels from next door coming to visit.
Lori made sopapillas
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