Inspiration Show

Rin Tanaka of “My Freedamn” fame pulled off his move from the Queen Mary to the Spruce Goose Dome next door without a hitch. The content and enthusiasm of Inspiration participants makes this show. Rin could host his show in a Wal Mart and it would be a big success. Rin Tanaka signing my Schott…

Long Beach Performance Swap Meet

We spent Sunday morning at the Long Beach Performance Swap Meet where we looked at a bunch of cars and picked up a few hand tools. Rat’s eye view of the Orange Motor Palace Lori’s tool box Grand Prix ’77 Grand Prix Monte Carlo ’69 SS Camaro…I had this model and sold it in my…

Around the Holidays

66 Motor Palace Orange Downtown Taft HWY 58 Legs for Winslow Motor Palace bath. Hackberry Store It’s a dry cold. Schott Wool and Churchill Deerskin, work tested to 30 degrees. Last ride of 2011. Reflection of first sunset 2012 on PCH.

Swap Meets and trip planning

First, a couple iPhone shots from inside the Orange Workshop/Showcase (Maybe the world’s smallest store). We’re usually here on weekends so come by and say hello. If we’re in back we can’t hear so call us and let us know you’re stopping by. We’ll make a fresh pot of coffee. A portable display case I…


We don’t want to start any rumors but……ok, we’re really proud of this one. We will receive our first shipment of handmade bronze and stainless creations from Jeff Decker of Hippodrome Studio any day. Go here for a sneak peek and email or call (714) 746-0467 to arrange a private viewing.