ANOTHER WINSLOW DELIVERY Motor Palace and Motorcycles go together like Bondorella and stains on a garage floor. The problem was most of the motorcycles were in California until the last couple weeks. We still have a few loads to go but it sure feels good to fire one up and go for a little ride.… Continue reading PUTTING the MOTORCYCLES in MOTOR PALACE


Life on the Free Range According to the pictures found on egg cartons, Free Range chickens are happier.  So why not humans?  It turns out we are.  September twenty-ninth marks the one year anniversary of our vagabond lifestyle and we like it! Vagabond chickens are right. The plan was to settle somewhere within a month of… Continue reading FREE RANGE UPDATE

Las Vegas New Mexico

Late start=gas stops only! As we were leaving Winslow this morning we met Wade. He rides a Victory and we’ve seen him around quite a bit but never met. He’s real supportive of the project and we’re looking forward to riding with him sometime. Cliff Bar and whole milk is what we have at fuel… Continue reading Las Vegas New Mexico

Hanging around in Winslow

Lazy Travelers Last night was the first time we slept in the building except the time we slept on the floor and checked in to a motel early the next day. The time we learned about the cockroaches. This time we have cots, blankets, sink, toilet, air conditioning, and a bath tub. No clothes dryer…yet… Continue reading Hanging around in Winslow

Busy month ahead!

First we eat! Fresh food from the Orange Homegrown Farmers and Artisans Market Gaytan Family Farm at Orange Home Grown. They have chickens too! Vegetables love riding around in old trucks. Denver in the middle We’re riding to Denver for a couple days and staying in Winslow on the way out and back. Bike prep… Continue reading Busy month ahead!

Rejects and a Few Reruns

Stuff you find when cleaning old files. 1966 Jeep CJ5 1955 BMW R50 Wall of Death Fans Wall of Death 2002 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Erasing pinstripes from Road King Road King and Sportster at Joshua Tree BMW R50 and Yamaha YM-1 2004 Harley-Davidson Sportster Rudy’s old Car Triumph Bonneville and BMW R80G/S Jawa Speedway Rudy’s Brother… Continue reading Rejects and a Few Reruns

No Jeep, Pomona Swap Meet

Jeep not meant to be… First the bad news. The Jeep isn’t for sale. Now the good news. The Jeep isn’t abandoned. The owner just rescued it and is fixing it up for his grandsons. I’ll be keeping an eye out and hope to see it around town. Pomona Swap Meet Southern California has a… Continue reading No Jeep, Pomona Swap Meet

A Couple Projects, a Lesson in Triumph Neglect, and our 100th Post!

BAD HAIR DAY Lori had a hair appointment Saturday and chose to ride her Bonneville, it’s been sitting awhile so she gave it a nice bath, aired up the tires, and put it on a battery charger for a (little) while. It was a kinda hard to start and didn’t idle too well but we… Continue reading A Couple Projects, a Lesson in Triumph Neglect, and our 100th Post!

Farm Update, Ema Jean’s Holland Burger, more Junk

Agriculture Lori’s Goat Farm’s doing well! All the peppers sprouted and they should be ready to plant next week. The top row are Pasilla, next are Joe Parkers and “Hatches” from seeds we saved last year, and finally the Jalapenos. The eggs without sprouts were planted later but should sprout this week. Goat nests Old… Continue reading Farm Update, Ema Jean’s Holland Burger, more Junk

Birthday, Vegas, Pio Pico Adobe

First, thank you to everyone who commented and emailed your feedback on helmets, we’re probably going to put that one on ice for awhile. I had another Birthday Monday so Lori baked a pie and we had special Birthday Tacos for dinner. Apple Strawberry Pie with Lori’s “Dustbowl” crust. Lori bought me a pair of… Continue reading Birthday, Vegas, Pio Pico Adobe

Rising Sun, Silverado Cafe, NHRA, and Helmet Question!

Mike Hodis of Rising Sun Jeans hosted a post Inspiration party Sunday with all the trimmings. Rising Sun hand crafts denim and work wear on antique sewing machines using traditional techniques and the highest quality materials. Mike’s passion for quality is only rivaled by his knowledge and skill. Took the R100S out Santiago Canyon to… Continue reading Rising Sun, Silverado Cafe, NHRA, and Helmet Question!