We had a great work/fun trip in Phoenix, got to spend time with old friends and met some great people too.
Us having fun in downtown Phoenix.
This is were you should stay if you like cool old things and you’re in downtown Phoenix.
Hotel San Carlos  and eat at 

Bonjour Vietnam downstairs, the food and people are  fantastic.
The tall building on the right is the Hyatt, the lower building is the Convention Center
The plan was travel light and go “where the road takes us.” At breakfast I looked at the weather and realized there was a storm predicted for the weekend at home…our ultimate destination. We hadn’t packed for that and decided to take desert roads back west toward Joshua Tree and try to get back before the storm.
Lori at Desert Center with the clouds that come before a Pacific storm.
Big desert
29 Palms Highway
The fact the plaid in my shirt compliments the gas tank is just another example of my attention to detail and why Zemla is afraid I will steal all his good ideas and start a TV show.
After another great meal at Crossroads Cafe we hunkered down at the Joshua Tree Inn (it was cold) for a few photos and an early nights sleep.
This little fella is at the Crossroads Cafe in Joshua Tree. The food here is great.

New Guitar at the Gram Parsons Memorial outside Room 8.

New Garden 


 It’s raining in most of So-Cal and just started sprinkling in Joshua Tree…don’t have a plan yet but we’re going to be wet and we’re going to eat tacos either way!

One thought on “Surprise weather forecast and no good plans!”

  1. Darn you two and your rides… makes it look so fun.

    BTW Brian the K100LT is still ready to go to Monument Valley…..

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