So what do these pictures of Long Beach have to do with the 66 Motor Palace and it’s sketchy legend? Jerry’s first Trading Post was in this intersection. Who’s Jerry? Read the Legend!
When I was at my mother’s a couple weeks ago she mentioned she’d heard from Jerry and gave me his email address. I stalked him a little and learned that other than a few details I was pretty close. He opened his Trading Post about the time we moved to Texas. It was the “Rocky Mountain Trading Company” but it was in Long Beach. He later moved and opened a shop near Boulder Colorado. Last time I saw him was in 1970 around the time he split to Colorado. He’s in Greece now and I’ll share more and correct the Legend as we go. He sent a picture of the Triumph he and my dad used to tear around the hills with my sister and me at night (we liked it).



Jerry and his Triumph TR-3 before he “Tuned in.”

Baby the Jeep, the Wonderful-Wonderful Jeep

Baby slows down pretty good without brakes so I drove to American Brake Systems Speedway Style. They’ll install the front and connect the back I took forever doing. I hope Baby’s still fun to drive with brakes, sidewalk trolling won’t be the same.  Exhaust, tires, and upholstery are next.
66 Jeep CJ5 in Old Town Orange
These guys looked at each other and didn’t say a word when they saw there was no master cylinder in the “hole.”


New Office
We’re doing some rearranging at work and I got a different office. So far I’m $165 into furnishing thanks to Craigslist and eBay.
$20 steel chairs courtesy United States Marine Corp


$49.99 Steelcase desk and $65 Goodform chair


What we ate Thursday
Simple and made from scratch. Nothing from a can or package. Lori even evaporated the milk for the pie! It’s easy and tastes good. The gravy was perfect too! Don’t worry, she’s not going to update often, it’s just a convenient place to keep recipes-and maybe the name of a pie shop someday…
Salt, pepper, butter, turkey, stuffing


Sweet Potato Pie in Dustbowl Crust


Pie baker/fiend
Next Distraction!
We’re buying this from my friend Neil, it was his dad’s (Neil Sr.) We’re working on a couple directions for its future, neither will involve this front fender or wheel.
1936 VLD

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