Motorcycles parked in front of Motor Palace Mercantile Q1 2020

The world changed in Q1 2020 but you know that. Other than “that” it’s been a pretty good year. I retired December 31st, vacated the Ontario warehouse, moved most of the motorcycles to The Motor Palace, spent time at Two Crows, and participated on a panel with Arizona Citizens for the Arts at the annual Local First Arizona better business conference. In addition to: hosting the Winslow Film Festival’s VIP party, meeting a bunch of nice people, reconnecting with an old friend (Ted), watching Lori’s Mercantile evolve and grow, and several stops at Roy’s in Amboy then…IT HIT THE FAN.

Harley-Davidson Sportster on long highway near Winslow in Q-1 2020
Arizona Citizens for the Arts discussing Arts impact on cities at Local First Arizona’s Good business Summit 2020.
The empty warehouse we vacated in Q1 2020
Black & White of the neon sign at Roy's in Amboy Q1 2020


Sheltering in a Palace was easy for us but looking around it was clear non-essential business would be restricted soon. For that reason we closed the store to walk-in traffic following our best week ever. With the previous week’s momentum propelling us, we amplified our online presence, made direct (email/phone) contact with friends and switched to curbside as well as delivery on the Danzeisen Dairy products and snacks. We now offer other quality food items including eggs, sausages, other dairy, and select fresh produce. The response is overwhelming and we’re busy as ever (three days a week). Thank you all for participating in our experiment, helping us refine processes, and making it fun!

Schott NYC Leather Jackets at Motor Palace Mercantile Q1 2020
Vintage motorcycle and clothing at Motor Palace Mercantile Q1 2020
Vintage motorcycle and clothing at Motor Palace mercantile Q1 2020
Danzeisen Dairy products in bottles
Vintage sodas in bottles and retro Coca-Cola cooler


The Q1 2020 down time allowed us to catch up on stuff, like working on the buildings! With the Mercantile roof repaired we’re replacing the rain buckets with furniture and things. The steel barn doors are on the carriage house and John is finishing the man door as I type this post. Curtis’ crew tuck-pointed the north wall of the Mercantile and Lori knocked a bunch of loose plaster down in her office area in the Mercantile. (Yes, it looks cool.) We’ve organized the preservation shop and are able to walk between motorcycles, get to tools, and operate the lifts. In addition, we’re experimenting with different layouts for the main display space in the Motor Palace.

Old brick building with new metal doors by John Suttman. installed Q1 2020
Harley Sportster and BMW R80G/S Paris Dakar in cluttered shop
'74 Yamaha MX250 on lift at 66 Motor Palace preservation shop Q1 2020
Vintage Jawa, Honda, and Triumph in Motor Palace Mercantile Q1 2020
Sportster in the Alley between Motor Palace Mercantile and "The Corner in Winslow Arizona."


At the Motor Palace two truths remain unchanged from the: First, it will house motorcycles. Second it will blur the line between reality and dream while being both and neither. Its visitors fill the gaps with their own imagination and stories. It is our primary project and the Mercantile building has given us flexibility we never imagined. We’re currently exploring a combination gallery & showroom space. Art, motorcycles, interesting collections and other objects will occupy unique spaces. We will sell motorcycle parts, accessories, and clothing in both storefronts as well as selling unique and special motorcycles in an interesting environment. We will refresh exhibits every four to six months or as objects are sold.

Response to the concept is enthusiastic and several people want to participate. Our program will evolve as it develops. Please contact us if you’re an artist, collector, motorcycle owner or all of the above. We encourage non-motorcycle and artists to participate.


66 Motor Palace sign with old building reflected.
KInsley Ave with Winslow Theater and 66 Motor Palace.
Evening shot of 66 Motor Palace interior with chandeliers and motorcycles
BMW R100S front view in 66 Motor Palace
1965 Blue and silver Triumph T120 in 66 Motor Palace Winslow Arizona
View of Bondorella through glass roll up door of 66 Motor Palace.

We want you to visit Winslow soon. But more importantly, please do your best to help slow things down. If you have extra time, use it to reconnect with friends and other things that make you happy. That said, if you’re in an essential class, thank you and know you’re appreciated and your friends are bragging about you. Let’s keep doing our best in Q2!

That’s it for now, goodbye Q1 2020!

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