Motor Palace and Motorcycles go together like Bondorella and stains on a garage floor. The problem was most of the motorcycles were in California until the last couple weeks. We still have a few loads to go but it sure feels good to fire one up and go for a little ride. It’ll be even better when I find my warm gloves. It’s cold here!

‘69 Jawa Speedway and ‘74 Yamaha MX 250 in pickup bed
Lazy motorcycles
‘69 Jawa Speedway on shop lift.
Settling in with a carb swap.
‘74 Yamaha MX250 standing on a corner with Glenn Frey statue.
The MX bonding with Glenn’s statue.


Kit at Christmas parade
There’s Kit, she’s not a motorcycle, but she likes them.
Benny and Kit in Christmas parade
There’s Kit and Bennie!
Santa on fire truck Winslow Christmas Parade
Santa was in town and took a tour on the fire truck.


Roy’s in Amboy threw a relighting party and camp out in celebration of their sign’s restoration. About thirty planes (mostly taildraggers) attended and put on quite a show in the morning.

Neon sign at Roy’s Cafe in Amboy California
Piper Pacer on Route 66 in Amboy
Hot-Rod Piper Cub flying over Roy’s Cafe


Old brick building in fresh snow.  Winslow AZ
We put a new facade of old bricks and bridge timbers from 1928 on the Carriage House. Doors coming soon!
Airstream in fresh snow next to Winslow Motor Palace
I love this thing.


Motorcycles in Winslow AZ parking lot.
It was 17° when we unloaded these motorcycles and they were pissed.
Motorcycles at the Motor Palace
The City of Winslow’s Motorcycle Parking is handy.
Harley-Davidson FatBoy at Motor Palace Mercantile
Still cold at Motor Palace Mercantile.
Train from BMW R50 on Route 66
It was cold here too
‘55 BMW R50 Motor Palace Mercantile
and here
Motorcycles in Winslow Motor Palace. Can-Am, Yamaha Honda
These things are worse than cats.
This one’s pretty cool, definitely not worse than a cat.


Zundap powered Rickman Matisse
The little Matisse is waiting for you to come visit.