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Winslow Window Photos

While sorting old photos and a few recent ones sent to us by friends visiting  Winslow, we stumbled on a bunch of old ones from FB & IG. Here are a few window shots from before paint and trim work, back when Aiden and Ava were little kids!
Winslow Arizona Route 66 Motor Palace Ford Woody
Bob & Laurie Welch, Hanford, Ca
Harley-Davidson Route 66 Motor Palace Winslow Arizona
Aiden on his first Harley ride
Winslow Arizona Route 66 Motor Palace Tommy Harkenrider
Tommy, Ava, and Emily Ivy
Winslow Arizona Route 66 Motor Palace
Steve & Peggy
Winslow Arizona Route 66 Motor Palace Olas Creative Slider Magazine
Winslow Arizona Route 66 Motor Palace Bomonster Acme Speed Shop
Sticker Bombs
Winslow Arizona Route 66 Motor Palace Acme Speed Shop
Sticker Bombers
Winslow Arizona Route 66 Motor Palace Roamin Rich
Jamie and Roamin’ Rich
Mark Edelstein
Winslow Arizona Route 66 Motor Palace
Only Cynthia knows…
Route 66 Winslow Arizona Motor Palace Ford Van
Greg was #vanlife before #s
Winslow Route66 Arizona
Lori, Wendy, and John.
Winslow Arizona Route66
Wendy, John and their friends from Missouri.
Kristin and Ethan Cline’s 1957 Ford
If you have photos you took please email them to we are unable to download some images posted on social media platforms, Thanks!

Then some California Stuff

Year one of our #vagabondlife concluded September 29th, we still enjoy the roaming and are “planning” year two.  Settling down is not part of the plan. In fact, we’re extending our range to include Long Beach, Airstream, places north, and more time in Winslow.  At this point, my only regret is we didn’t do this ten years ago.  We’ve met a lot of great people and I’ve grown to really appreciate Southern California.  We’ve only had one really lame AirBnB and one bad motel experience. In both cases, we left and were somewhere great in twenty minutes.  Anyway, here’s a few pictures and a link to Lori’s site.  She began documenting our stays when we figured out we were doing a “thing.”
Ma Pa Market Long Beach Belmont Shores California Motor Palace
UPDATE: While writing this and another post on the Winslow “Just Cruisin'” Car Show Lori blew up the internet with this…

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