We're taking a look back to when we purchased the Motor Palace, the former Jennie's site and some of the progress we've made. Jennie's building One of our first projects was replacing the roof on the old Jennie's Bar building next door...
Patience is easily ...mistaken for laziness and I've been rightfully accused of both.  A recent personal Triumph was due to about seventeen years of patience. A former employer (Ray) had a 1965 Triumph T120 Bonneville stored in a second story..
I'd never been to La Habra Heights, but Lori found a cool AirBnB cabin so there we were.  La Habra Heights sits on the Orange and LA County border in a semi-rural area surrounded by suburbs for miles--which is actually..
How We Live The Vagabond world is a magical place filled with adventure.  Not really but we're having a good time.  I won't bore you with details on every place and haven't thought to take many pictures. So far we've..
Winslow's 66 motor palaceSaveSave The 66 Motor Palace is one of the most visible buildings in the historic Route 66 district, sitting diagonally from Winslow’s famous corner and the large Route 66 road emblem in the middle of 2nd and..
Taco Life (Originally posted on our old site. Reconstructed with help from Jay at OLAS CREATIVE and web.archive.org) Taco tracking has its rewards out west and we ended up winning three-for-three on a recent journey. Placentia CA There’s no shortage..