Since we’ve already bored you with posts about Route 66 Arizona we just stopped for gas and headed for Gallup. The riding was great and we managed to stay on Route 66 from Kingman to almost Ashfork. (Everyone should traverse this segment at least once.) While refueling in Seligman we met Sam in a Deus EX Machina shirt. He’s on his way back to Kansas from California via Denver. Small world I guess.

The El Rancho is fun and the food’s great but we have to move on.
Today’s strategy was to get on the 40 and exit anyplace with an Historic Route 66 sign. The first one was Continental Divide. From here we avoided the 40 ’til Laguna (a little over a hundred miles). We’ve since figured out we screwed up and got off too soon. We passed through Thoreau, Bluewater, Milan, Grants, and more. We passed through San Fidel too but we’re not sure if we were on Route 66 . We continued with the green and red theme mentioned the other day followed through today with the addition of Lava fields that looked like the Cake they always try to sell you at the chain restaurants. you can see caves in the mangled rock. There’s cactus growing on the rocks and holes with cat tails in the middle of the rock.
Breaking news! A big thunderstorm just rolled in!

Anyway we skipped Albuquerque in favor of Santa Rosa and ate dinner with the “Fatman” at Joseph’s. The red chile there is like eating chocolate. Our waitress shared a secret we’ll be trying when we get home.

We made the Blue Swallow before six and and settled in quickly. Kevin and Nancy are exceptional hosts and the Motel is a piece of living history.

Guests are from around the world and were all hanging out sharing tales of world travels. Then it started to rain. One of our best nights on the road ever!

Have fun!

Scrapy bird we shared breakfast with.

Lori at the El Rancho, Gallup, NM.
Lori happy she ate at Joseph’s, Santa Rosa,  NM.
Sharing stories at the Blue Swallow, Tucumcari, NM.
Pio Pico bridge west of Albuquerque, NM.
Blue Swallow guest. He did the Panamericana and kept going. (black lines are post tour)
El Rancho Motorcycle parking.
Sam a friend of Deus and the Motor Palace

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