Shop time with the YZ80
Finished stripping the YZ80 chassis and will split the cases tomorrow. So far other than the oil pump mess it seems solid. I’m going to go ahead and bore the cylinder and go one up on the piston.
Drilling more screws out.

More cleaning, it still needs a few more passes.
G/S needs to go for a ride soon.
Dream Jeep

 We’ve made the final arrangements for the baby we’re adopting and she should be here in a couple weeks. She’s lived on a ranch in San Luis Obispo since 1988, and a ranch in Santa Ynez before that. Life’s been easy with 17,000 original miles. She’s powered by the “Dauntless” V6 which was originally used by Buick in passenger cars. It’s all stock but the radio and the roll bar. We’ll give her a bath and see what we got when she gets here!

Schott has my back on special delivery to Chase Bank.
The new baby…look at those hubcaps!

and that face!

Throttle Merchants Magazine
Got a message from Matt Porter the other day. He and Aileen wanted to check out the R50 for Throttle Merchants Volume 4. As satisfied a customer (I purchased volumes 1, 2, and 3) I’m thrilled one of our motorcycles is being considered for their publication. We had a great time drinking coffee, messing with stuff in the shop, and I got to ride around on a motorcycle while they took pictures! For more on Throttle Merchants Magazine click here.
I’m probably doing about 120 here
I got a t-shirt too! (Don’t blame them for this picture I took it)

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