More Palace Progress!

When you’re done with us go look at Bakersfield to Bakersfield and watch for these guys as they return on east bound Route 66!

Since the Motor Palace isn’t quite ready we booked rooms at the La Posada in Winslow and El Rancho in New Mexico for a rolling wedding anniversary celebration. (We rolled in the truck to deliver a few rugs and a couple chandeliers.) We’ll have “Road Trip” photos in the next post but for now we’re just going to show building shots. Joe and the crew are doing a great job. The space is really comfortable with tons of natural light and a very solid feel.

For those of you new to us we are converting a mud room into sleeping quarters similar to a hotel room.  The mud room was added to the rear of the Motor Palace long before it was placed on the Historic Registry to enclose the entrance to the cellar. It’s foundation was undermined and the walls were pulling apart so we decided to preserve, repair, and improve! We’ll have about 400sf for bed and bath in the designated residential “Mud Room”, with the kitchen and entertaining areas in the actual Motor Palace. We are doing the residential area first so we have a place to stay while we do the finish and cosmetic stuff.

Anyway here’s a few shots.

The old wall
The new wall

Where the bathtub will go

Lori looking at the new windows
Bed view. There will be a door here.

Lucky Horseshoe found under the old foundation.

They put twelve signs like this in the new city parking lot next to the Motor Palace.

Tune in soon, we have 66 Road Trip pics and a little history coming up!

By Underachiever

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  1. My hubby is currently heading west out of Texas coming home to Cali and will drive part of 66. I told him we will have to divorce if he doesn't stop in Winslow to check out the Palace. We'll see how that works out… Anyway, be on the lookout for a white Sprinter van with a Matchless in the back, driven by a mild-mannered hooligan named Charles.

    Hooray for building progress!
    Sara Hammer

    1. A Sprinter and a Matchless! I have to figure out how to get notified when people post. I hope his trip was fun…and I find a Matchless in the building when we return! What model is it?

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