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More about that later and Tucson

Ok, now. This poor car never goes anywhere so we went to Tucson…

Buick TourX with hatch open revealing an Igloo cooler, brown shoulder bag, gray roller bag, and white cotton bag. ready for Tucson

…and finally stayed at the Hotel Congress. It’s a great historic hotel in the middle of Tucson’s really cool downtown. What ever happened to the good old days?

Lobby of Hotel Congress in Tucson, AZ.  Leather territorial style couch,  luxurious dark wood floor and counter. Large mostly turquoise graphic similar to woven rug.

The view from our window with a sign in case you forget where in Tucson you are.

Congress street sign seen through tree from second floor window in Downtown Tucson Arizona.

As always we walked all over the place, there’s a ton of work going on. Lots of preservation work and new stuff too.

Lori in yellow vintage dress walking on temporary path through Downtown Tucson construction zone.

We took the Tram from near the hotel and I ate an empanada from La Estrella Bakery at Mercado San Agustin in the Mercado District. It was good. We also had a great meal at Charro just a couple blocks from the hotel.

Empenada on table at Tucson AZ’s Mercado district.

I still have this motorcycle, jacket jersey, and boots. They still look the same.

Author standing with Yellow 1974 MX 250 around 1996. HiPoint Boots, blue shop jacket with tail of red jersey untucked. Long brown hair and beard. Hair is now long and white.

It’s not the city or Arizona but we got to spend a little time at Two Crows also!

Clouds reflecting blue morning sky with yard full of Scrub Oak, Juniper and one thirty plus foot Cypress tree.

Mornings at Two Crows always end too soon but coffee keeps the dream alive.

A large Joshua Tree with darkish blue morning sky.
Sunrise through ring formed by limbs of a large Joshua Tree.

I wonder what he’d think about his picture hanging in a dirty old work shop full of motorcycles and junk. I think he’d be ok with it…we play his music too.

Black and white image of ‘70s era John Lennon mounted in 125 year old building’s window.

Besides Tucson and Two Crows, We did a bunch of other stuff too, and we’re doing more new stuff now but we’re too busy doing stuff to write about it. it’s all good and we will write about it, but we have to get back to doing it now. thanks for bearing with me and this lame post.

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