New tail light for Bonneville
The stock tail light on the Bonneville was plastic and broke so we got one of these Lucas style jobs. We wanted to retain the stock turn signals and wiring harness. I know the stock ones aren’t cool but cars can see them better and they match the front. I’d rather have the clutter of the lights together instead of spread all over the bike anyway. So, we used a handy pin removing tool and fished the wires through the harness. Then we took the guts from the stock tail light, fished ’em through the new tail light and the old wiring harness and everything plugged back in nice. Instead of using the provided skinny screws, spacers, and washers, we tapped a thread in the stock mount and used the big stock style screw and backed it up with a nylock nut. We’re going to do the same thing to the lower two screws also…and were going to drill and tap the holes for the lens too. It’s held in place with glued on brass threads. It’s similar to the one our friend Gil posted a picture of last night. He posted the picture because his lens fell off. Other than engineering, materials, and build quality I highly recommend his light!

The Bike Gil gave us!

Gil gave me an ’80s vintage Columbia Clipper for the Motor Palace. When Lori saw it in the garage she thought I’d bought it for her. I told her Gil sold it to me for $1000 because it reminded me of Bondorella’s wheels.
After we finished the Bonneville we got busy on the Columbia. Lori wanted to take to Winslow so we picked up some new bars, wood grain looking grips, a luggage rack, and new wheel bearings. While I messed with the luggage rack, Lori did some stitching on the seat. With everything done it rides real nice. Thanks Gil!!!
We did the work on our patio “Third World” style.
These are Lori’s Pictures
This is where the pump stopped in Kingman

Lori riding in Winslow, the concrete is the burnout pit the city put on 1st street for the Friday Burnout contest. It’s in conjunction with this weekend’s Car Show.

The window Barry tagged. Check out his photography!

Our Route 66 sign. 
Lori’s going to Lakeside to visit her parents and we’re going to meet back in Winslow for the Car Show. I’ll bring my camera this time!
Check out her blogs too and

…and keep buying her book!
Motor Dolls! on Square Market

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