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Pre-dawn Winslow is a wonderful time of day.

Morning air in Winslow is calm and clean, the trains are rumbling, coffee is hot, and people are visiting with “Easy”, Glenn, and the girl in the flatbed Ford.

66 Motor Palace Winslow Arizona chandeliers in a dark room.
This is what the room is like while the coffee’s brewing.
Coffee poured from class percolator
Motor Palace Winslow Arizona 1948 Ford pickup outside glass garage door with blue early morning sky
Sunrise with Bondorella
Man standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona drinking coffee looking at Flat Bed Ford
Early-bird with his morning coffee looking for the girl.
Airstream coffee mug on wood table in Winslow 66 Motor Palace
Thank’s Corinne and Dani for the cool Airstream mug. I relive my month of urban camping in Old Town Orange with this.

Morning Blues with Tommy

Tommy Dukes sets up at the Arizona Trading Company around eight AM most days and jump starts the the corner with a few sets. Tourists’ love for him frequently results in spontaneous dance.

66 Motor Palace Winslow Arizona Tommy Dukes Bluesman with happy Standing on the Corner tourists.
Tourists trickling in.
Tommy Dukes playing guitar in Winslow Arizona
Tommy’s morning session
People on a corner in Winslow Arizona
Tommy and a happy dancer
Lori, Barry, and Valentina messing with Tommy's stuff.
Lori, Barry, and Valentina messing with Tommy’s stuff.
Tommy with our Singing Mayor Tom McCauley.

Living in Winslow

It’s been a few months in Winslow and I’m not sure life could be much better. We mess with stuff, hang out with friends, sit around, drink coffee, watch Lori’s feral cat “Babbitt”, and as always, we eat. The only things missing are our motorcycles, and a proper kitchen, that said, our motorcycles are in a top secret Southern California vault and our kitchen will have to wait.

Babbitt the feral cat, he’s cute and he likes Lori, eggs, cream, and ground beef.
Black Mercedes Benze 560SEL, Buick TourX, and Dodge B250 against old brick wall
Stuff parked and dirty next to the Motor Palace.
Two Ford F1 trucks parked next to brick wall of 66 Motor Palace Winslow Arizona.
Bondorella’s friend Jr. from New Orleans.
Lori on tall ladder staining rafters.
Standin’ on a ladder in Winslow AZ.
  • White Dodge Van at Richfield station where hotel scene form Easy Rider movie was shot. Bellemont Az
  • White Dodge Van "Dajibagn" on old Route66 60 miles wast os Winslow


Lori spends more time with her mom.
Old three cylinder Speedaire compressor.
Is this the worlds coolest air compressor or what?
Grey Corvette in front of the Motor Palace Mercantile in early morning Winslow Arizona
This Corvette is just what the Mercantile needs. More about the Mercantile later.
Lori in deep thought at Jack’s Canyon.
Free Range Ranchers with guide, DAVID HARTMAN.
Lori returns from a story for Winslow.Town.

That’s all for now, be sure to visit us often.

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