Kansas City
Flew out to Kansas City to see a couple new motorcycles. It’s a nice clean city…you should go there. Everything you’ve heard about the steaks and barbecue are true and the people who live there are very tolerant of Californians.

Sunset over Orange County. This is the real color, no edit, no filter, just an iPhone
Downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

The Motorcycles
Just go to Harley-Davidson’s page and take a look or Google Harley-Davidson Street if you don’t already know everything about them. Be sure to check Cycle World’s page for clarification and details on the manufacturing of the Street models for sale in USA. They are being built in Kansas City for USA and in India for bikes sold in India, Spain, Portugal, and others as they ramp up. This is to avoid tariffs and keep the price of this motorcycle affordable to new riders. If you haven’t, you should look at dealer websites overseas and check the prices on new motorcycles and you’ll see why.
Harley-Davidson Street

Harley-Davidson Street 750

Harley-Davidson Street 500

KC beer bar

I think this is the first V-Rod to roll off the assembly line in Kansas City,  probably should have checked the VIN.

Central California
I rode up to see my mother this weekend and got to visit some of my favorite roads and see her new cat!
Murray Family Farms for Tri-Tip sandwiches, fresh fruit, coffee, and really nice people!

The old picture building. I have pictures of it with walls!

My mom’s cute cat Teddy. 

In the early ’80’s I spun a Saab at the entrance curve and stopped about where the Road King is -pointing backward-without hitting anything-pure luck.

Soda Lake. It’s flat and much bigger then it looks. The bottom of the white stripe is a few miles from the top.

The tracks I made when I started sinking

Tail end of lake. You used to be able to ride around the back side of it but it’s closed now. 

Almost half way. Only about 20 miles was dirt.

Mostly smooth dirt

I like these hills

Back on pavement
The End

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