Buying a paper map today!
With 128 miles between Hanksville and Mexican Hat 3.3 gallons should be plenty. The problem was we weren’t absolutely sure it was 128 miles. The computer maps were giving different estimates and route variations when we were planning the night before. Luckily even the highest estimate put us in range  as long as we didn’t get lost or do any extra sightseeing and it wasn’t all up hill. Turns out it was 128, mostly down hill, and we didn’t get lost. We both had a gallon to spare!

No signal here

Edward Abbey Country
I read a book called “The Monkey Wrench Gang” about 25 years ago. It’s a cat and mouse story about a group who is trying to prevent the Glen Canyon Dam (Lake Powell) mostly with sabotage. It’s a good read but had slipped my mind ’til our friend Gavin reminded me. Ed Abby was a passionate writer who knew and loved this area as much as anyone. After reading his book I figured I had an idea what it would look like. I didn’t. You have to see this in person. Cancel that trip to Disney, Vegas, Bahamas, or whatever and do this instead! Just don’t expect to get your ass kissed by a bunch of strangers. The stuff out here is real!
…and Gavin, we’re coming back to spend a few days!

Looking at the Colorado towards Glen Canyon. The canyon is on the other side.

How to get off a Mesa!
Here’s the basic instructions!


Left side of the road

Right side!


This is steep, you should have seen the nervous look in the eyes of the guys riding up on Adventure bikes!

Near the bottom, still steep!

Mexican Hat and San Juan Inn

We had a great ride and our destination delivered. The San Juan Inn is carved into a cliff above the San Juan River with a path down to the bank, plenty of seating outside the rooms, and bats!  The rooms are nice and they can accommodate large groups. Most of the guests are European. The restaurant’s ok but we’ll probably go back to the Cottonwood in Bluff next time, it’s outstanding.

Q-What’s the best thing to do after riding around in the desert all day?
A-Get on your motorcycle and ride around in the desert some more!
In 2009 we rode to Denver, it was Lori’s first long ride on her own motorcycle. It was a glorious journey and inspired the purchase of the 66 Motor Palace. We stayed in Bluff and Rick from the Cottonwood told us to check out Goosenecks. Lori was pretty excited and wanted to check it out. When we got started I wanted to get ahead of an impending storm…so I pretended not to see the sign. I’ve been a goat ever since.
This is Goosenecks I am now a good husband and Lori’s dreams have come true!

She got to sit on cliffs!

Watch me take pictures of my Sportster!

…and hers!

I think she’s looking at the picture of a lizard she just took!

She even got to hang over a cliff! (She really is)

I have more pictures but they didn’t all transfer from the camera.
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