Photos from a Bonsai Run to Grapevine, TX
Holbrook, AZ

Good Steaks next to the Wigwam Motel. Holbrook, AZ

El Rancho Gallup, NM

Santa Rosa, NM is a good Route 66 town with some real good food. The fat man smiling on the sign came from the Club Cafe which served from 1935 ’til 1991-2. The Campos family bought it a few years later but the building needed too much repair so they moved the fat man smiling to their restaurant. This place is real good.

Joseph’s. The fat man smiling isn’t Joseph. 
Eat here!

Club Cafe in the background is where the fat man smiling lived before  the Campos family rescued him.

Drive by shot Santa Rosa

Childress, TX is on the 287 about half way between Amarillo and Ft. Worth. The highway goes right through the middle of town. It looked better in real life than in these pictures.

Morning sun in Childress, TX

Mc Lovin’ it in Childress, TX

Childress looking west

More Childress

Childress yard sedan
Texas RV
Maybe the coolest thing in the world.
Big Truck heading for the sun

Long truck Texas style

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