We slept in, ate breakfast and spent way too much time installing Lori’s new swingarm bag to get in any miles in. Fortunately our poor planning and lack of self control provided an excuse to stay at the Wigwam Motel in San Bernardino. On motorcycles…back to your garage Bondorella.
Bondorella being shiny (Bonus Picture)
An Asian-Mexican fusion breakfast
Vintage Bultaco windbreaker that fits!

We’ve been wanting to stay in the Wigwams in Holbrook for a while but It’s too close to Winslow if we’re going somewhere, and too far if we’re working on the Palace. The Wigwam Motel in San Bernardino is only about fifty miles from Orange so we rode North West to get in a little Route 66 exploration.

Private dance party at Honey’s in Glendora.
Gasoline Girls Berdoo?
We added just about 30 miles to the ride but managed to kill a few hours and arrived just before sunset.
Kumar and his Wigwams.
This is weird and it happens a little after I get gas on all my bikes.
Sunday morning we took Route 66 East then North on the 215 up the Cajon Pass and back down the remaining Route 66 section. 
Lori’s vintage Buco pants (from Yellow Devil Gear Exchange) look great
with my Dad’s old jacket.
I think this train came from Winslow.
We stopped to read a monument but someone stole it!
Hangin’ over scary cliff.
Big ol’ succulent and proper succulent suit at an abandoned building on Route 66.

Buy this Jacket, it will look better on you and they’ve raised the price thirty bucks. We still have a few popular sizes at the old price.

This place would make a good motorcycle shop.

The end

OK, one more.

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