Lazy Travelers

Last night was the first time we slept in the building except the time we slept on the floor and checked in to a motel early the next day. The time we learned about the cockroaches.

This time we have cots, blankets, sink, toilet, air conditioning, and a bath tub.

No clothes dryer…yet

We slept in then drank coffee ’til noon when we started a quest for food. BoJo’s won again. We shared a Patty Melt then walked around town visiting the neighbors and watching people stop to stand on a corner.
The left panel with the “girl my lord in a flatbed Ford” is being touched up by the John Pugh (the artist who did the mural.

People from Florida

A hardcore older Cowboy and Cowgirl from Texas leaving the corner after standing.

Australians standing and watching a red Corvette minutes after my old friend Doug Fletcher of Boy Scout Troop 120 in Texas offered the lyrics, “a girl you bet in a red Corvette” on a picture Lori posted on Face book.

Our buddy Aden trying out his first Harley other than the Hummer. He remembered what all the controls were for from the Hummer. He knows quite a bit about sharks also…and maybe a little too much about shanking winos with his new pocket knife. I hope he doesn’t figure out a wino is anytime soon.

I missed the sunset talking to Aden but I know more about sharks.

This is at the corner on the south end of our street

South side of the Motor Palace

Forgot to post this morning. Here’s where we are now!

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