We’re Here!

We got an early start and more good weather today but with a deadline today the ride was all business.

I’m writing this from the Milk and Cookie Lounge at the Magnolia Hotel. The Magnolia is one of these historic hotels they’ve “Hipped” up. The room is nice and so are the people who work here. The purists in the historic building scene might cringe but I’d rather see a building adapted to have broader commercial appeal than see it go broke and crumble.

Earlier Today
Real early today 12:15am I looked out the window and saw a drunk staggering toward the Sportsters, he climbed on mine and I yelled something about a bullet in his head. As he scrambled off he tripped over Lori’s, got up and walked into the sprinklers as he moved on down the road. I called 911 (the PD is 150 yards from the Hotel) they said I had the wrong number and would transfer me. It rings awhile and a guy says “hello?” I say is this the police? He says “no”, I say “I’m sorry” by then the guy was out of sight.
Anyway we had a good breakfast at the Plaza and got going on time. 25 north out of Las Vegas NM is one of those perfectly paved roads with infinite beautiful scenery. Green grass, farms, rocky hills, mountains and plateaus. You are passively and  consciously aware of your surroundings the entire ride. I don’t have the skills to capture these scenes, you owe it to yourself to find the time if you haven’t.
But we did stop for gas!

We saw a town called Trinidad that looked real cool, lots of old brick buildings in a hilly area. It’s on the list of places to explore on a different trip. Had to get to Denver.

From Pueblo north to Denver is kind of like Southern California or area around Phoenix just at a higher elevation. Same type of development, restaurants, and stores repeated every 5-10 miles. The buildings are styled differently to reflect the communities devoured to create room for the big box stores and “Town Center Cross Roads Pointe (with an E)” malls.

This doesn’t have anything to do with the post. Our neighbor Pat got this for Lori. It  provides a more upbeat tone to the post after my urbanization mini rant. (Have a long version)

We’ll be in Denver a couple days then back on the road. Got to go do what pays for the trip so probably won’t post much ’til Thursday except Instagram #66MotorPalace. Thanks for checking in!
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