I rode up to Baldy for a work session (really) Friday afternoon. The weather was perfect and traffic was light. The people and food at the Mt. Baldy Lodge are hard to beat and it’s only about twelve miles up the hill from Route 66 (Claremont / Upland). You can take Glendora Mtn. Road back down and pick 66 up in Glendora and make a nice little ride of it. Lori and I rented a cabin a couple years ago and it was pretty fun too.

Market research 


After carb tweaking and a thread repair on the R100S’s left head I rode up to Venice to hang out with the cool kids. Deus Ex Machina held their Sunday Mass after the VVMC Third Sunday Ride. Deus took over the old Conroy’s building at Venice and Lincoln and transformed it into “The Emporium of Post Modern Activity” with music by Brook and River, grilled sausages, and beers. They also serve the most incredible coffee ever from Handsome Coffee Roasters. If you like coffee you need to go try some. I bought a bag and we’re drinking it right now! This party was perfect except I forgot about the eclipse and missed it riding east. Julian and Stefan said they’re doing it again next Third Sunday so bookmark their site and “Like” them on Facebook for updates.

Deus Sunday Mass.

Loaves and fishes.

Post Modern Popemobile?

It’s legit…BA Moto was there!
A well executed street tracker.

’23 T Bucket
What’s that tank remind you of?

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