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Life on the Free Range

66 Motor Palace Route66 Road Trip grand canyon caverns
Grand Canyon Caverns golf course

According to the pictures found on egg cartons, Free Range chickens are happier.  So why not humans?  It turns out we are.  September twenty-ninth marks the one year anniversary of our vagabond lifestyle and we like it!

Vagabond chickens are right.

The plan was to settle somewhere within a month of selling our condo, but the months passed and we aren’t ready to settle down.  We don’t even want to look at places.  Bouncing to different locations every week and meeting new people is fun, and it’s a little less money than full-time rent (we stay at Two Crows on weekends), and I can’t imagine being tied to another mortgage and owner’s expenses right now.  We’ve settled into a routine and do a mix of new places as well as favorites we repeat such as the Hotel Peppertree (a Free Range favorite) conveniently located across the street from Vallarta Market and a few great Airbnbs.

Images of Hotel Pepper Tree.

See Lori’s post to read about its history and return from the edge.

Lori’s Christmas Present Lives

After many months of tinkering, the tandem bicycle is dialed in and we took it for a long ride around Orange. We had fun and didn’t get killed.

I rode (motorcycle) to San Diego and found this:

Harley-Davidson Livewire Free

This is Harley-Davidson’s Livewire.  It’s electric powered and really cool.  It lands somewhere between a Swiss watch and a sledgehammer.  Harley- Davidson’s release is planned for Q3 2019, giving their dealers time to build the charging infrastructure and train for the big day.  Livewire is compatible with existing automobile charging stations and will be released in limited supplies to markets with higher of existing E powered and other free-range vehicles.

Here’s a link to Harley-Davidson’s page with more info.

Our twentieth wedding anniversary week was spent in Winslow with an overnight stay in Wickenburg.

Lori’s brother and former vagabond Wayne returned the Can-Am in better shape than it left.  He did a cool ISDT style mod and it’s never run better.

Vagabond Can-Am TNT 66 Motor Palace

We spent hours cleaning and organizing over at the Emporium and added about fifteen hundred usable square feet of space.  Curtis Hardy is working on the masonry repairs and Motor Palace is looking even better.

That’s all for now but we’re working on a couple exciting projects and planning our next trip to Winslow. Be sure to check out Lori’s site for more details and better pictures of the vagabond life. She updates about once a week.  LINK to LORI seriously, I just looked at it. She’s way better.

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