Another less than fun time in Chicago resulted in a premium experience in Pontiac. This time it was Chicago traffic. We traveled 40 miles in about two hours because of traffic. We don’t think it’s legal to split lanes in Illinois so we played car. This put a big dent in our 300 mile goal.

Anyway Lori wanted to stay in Pontiac IL. since we passed through last week but it’s only 200 miles out. We were beat from the heat and traffic and Pontiac was looking like a good place to rest. As we removed our helmets I spotted a sign for Lydia’s loft so we asked if they had a room. We about fainted when we saw the place. It was beyond our wildest dreams. Check out the pictures. We want to live in it.

Pontiac is a great town with friendly people excited about their part of Route 66. They have lot’s of cool museums that are just the right size, well organized, and staffed with enthusiastic and knowledgable people.
Thanks Pontiac!

I’ll have more details when we get home and I’ll post a “links” and summary page.

We got on the bikes and bombed it to the Wagon Wheel. We made it in about 7 hours by blowing through most of the stuff we saw on our 11 hour 200 mile day with a nice repeat of the 50 miles of Route 66 east of Cuba, only stopping for gas and construction traffic in St Louis. We did meet a cool guy named Kenny on a Goldwing near Springfield IL. He’d left Mississippi in the morning and was about 500 miles into his ride to Bloomington. He’d only slowed down for a ticket somewhere in Missouri.

We’ll get an early start tomorrow and will spend a little more time at Devil’s Elbow and try to catch a few places we missed on the way east.

Lydia’s Loft Pontiac, MO. This amazing loft is conveniently located above Lydia’s Cup (a great place to eat) in the beautiful town of Pontiac IL.
View out back window at Lydia’s Loft.
Kenny between Springfield and Bloomington IL. He left Mississippi that morning.
Willie G. and Nancy Davidson. The only other people in the world as nice as them are their kids Karen and Bill.
Wagon Wheel Cuba, MO.
Wagon Wheel Cuba, MO.
The Gemeni Giant at the Launching Pad in Wilmington, IL.
Court House across from Lydia’s Loft in Pontiac, IL.
Cool rig in Pontiac Museum, lots of other cool Pontiac stuff too!
Wagon Wheel Cuba, MO. dry this time!

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