Because we love food we’re sharing some favorites including a few things available at Lori’s world famous Mercantile.


Corn tortillas: We don’t sell them but here’s how to make your own:

You take dry corn, soak it in lime and water overnight. Rub the kernels together to remove the loose hulls and rinse well. Grind the corn until it’s fine and reintroduce small amounts of water until the dough is soft but not sticking to your hands or the bowl. Next, mash it flat and put it on a hot (350º) surface. Turn it in about a minute, cook it another two, and flip it again. Let it puff up and if it doesn’t don’t worry, just let it cook for another two minutes. Finally give it to the person closest to you and do it again…or buy a bag of masa and follow the instructions on a bag.


Fresh red and green cayenne peppers in dish with whole sage leafs.

Any chilé, they’re all good really. These are my recent obsession. They are fresh Cayenne peppers grown at Coffee Pot Farms in Dilkon AZ. We met Cherilyn and Mike vending at the Winslow Farmers Market and we’re buying for our own consumption and now offering Coffee Pot Farms fresh produce at the Mercantile!

These dried New Mexico chilé pods will be ground for enchilada sauce.


Rinsed dry beans in an old aluminum colander

Anasazi® cave beans are my personal favorites since discovering them at a date stand seven or so years ago. Pictured here is Moki Mix. Moki Mix is a blend of Anasazi®, Bolita, Lima, Kidney, Northern, Pinto, plus green and yellow peas. We buy them direct from the mill to eat and sell in the Pantry.


Joshua Tree Coffee is our favorite (it’s way better than what I roast). Their five varieties are all organic including the full flavored Mountain Water process decaf.

Lori’s favorite is Espresso Roast prepared in a Moka pot while I drift between roasts and pots. This week’s binge is Mellow Ethiopian in a Presto electric percolator.

Good Times

Hiking with family
A date with the Jeep
Partied with the King
Flying with Harold
Driving around in David’s Cougar
Taking pictures of Lori playing guitar
Cruising Clear Creak
Lori and Little Painted Desert sunset.
Little Painted Desert sunset

There it is, not quite as much mileage as 2017-18 but the search for good times starts every day.

Not Winter, but Kinda Like It.

It’s 25° outside, Ted and Jennifer are out at Clear Creek in their camper and we’ll join them in ours today…not sure why camping seems fun but I’m determined to find out. Tune in later for updates.