Farmers Market and the 1st ever Rodder’s Row Open House

We do most of our food shopping at the Orange Homegrown Farmers and Artisans Market and were in major withdrawals. We missed two weeks in a row and nearly starved to death. If you haven’t been to your Farmers Market lately go check it out. We’re able to get our coffee, fresh baked bread, beef, chicken, eggs, and produce fresh every saturday. They even have great live music!  
Steve of Drip Stop Coffee

I rode
Bondorella worked. Lori took a picture. (a couple weeks ago)
The Cowboys were in the mountains west of Phoenix
Will at Vintage Bicycle Restoration had his Grand Opening so a few of us decided to kick in and share the fun. We had a band, tacos, a bounce house, bicycles, hot-rods, and motorcycles. It was officially over at 4:00 but when we rode back after dinner around 9:00 the hard core bicycle guys were still carbo-loading. It was pretty quiet today.

Our Sleds, Porn and Dread.

Frankie checking out the Dread Sled



Lori looking for a reason to cut into her “Dust Bowl” pie.
Jerome (our Hot Rod, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Farmers Market and Flea Market friend) likes pie!

Synchronized Cyclists Julie and Jim

Not so Synchronized…
Jim with Lori’s new High Points.

On the way back from lunch I ran across an available building near the shop and had a look. It probably won’t meet our needs but it was pretty cool so I’m sharing the pictures. Too bad, ’cause it’s closer to the Plaza and Farmers Market.

Our friends’ cute two year old gave me this flower, Mondays aren’t so bad, are they?

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