Classic Cycle Events hosted the 37th annual El Camino Motorcycle Show and Swap at their new home, Irwindale Raceway. The usual location at El Camino College is getting earthquake retrofits and the event has outgrown the venue.
Despite the change the event was a huge success with thirty more venders than last year and free motorcycle parking. Irwindale Raceway is a great place and probably easier to get to for just about anybody east fo the 405. The change is for the better but we’ll miss the short rows of the old parking structure. We definitely plan on attending next year. This is the best So-Cal events all year, a place you see exotic and rare right next to regular old junk.


Monark (the hot rod version)

Our new baby got a ride over from Arizona on an RV!

I need a Rickman…any Rickman.

Big YZ. We thought these were “works” bikes when they came out. Still one of the best looking fuel tanks ever.

The only thing you saw on the track in 1974. People painted their tanks to tell them apart.

What you quit seeing after 1974


Not sure if it’s the one they rode or “as” the one they rode. either way it’s an incredible motorcycle.

It looks pretty hard for the judges, people kept striking up conversations with them while they were trying to look at the bikes. I couldn’t count the times I heard Tom White very politely say, “That sounds like a nice motorcycle but I’m only judging this class.” Tom has the patience of a saint.

Even the 250s look scary!

Nice plunger frames.

I liked the subtleness of this Sportster. 

Even a hardcore Yamaha fan like Micah questioned my sanity…actually he just thinks I’m stupid.

We had a good sunset later…

and my new Mr. Natural poster arrived in the mail!

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