2018–AKA #vagabondlife #swellegantvagabonds–went something like this: Twenty nights in Winslow, 117 in Yucca Valley, and 228 split between hotels, motels, and AirBnB. Hotel Pepper Tree was our most frequent stay and we stayed in several AirBnB locations more than once. The only states we stayed in were California, Arizona, Tennesee, and Nevada.

Since retiring October 26th, 2018 Lori spends more time in Yucca Valley and Winslow. Vagabonding is down to three nights a week with a range closer to work and home by half an hour.

The icing on the year was finally spending Christmas in Winslow, even more fun than we ever imagined.

Last sunrise 2018, Joshua tree, sun flares.
2018’s last sunrise


2018 was a great year in Winslow, we made new friends and spent more time with old friends. It’s strange to have old friends now in a town we haven’t lived in. But we’ve been messing with this building for about nine years now. The great news is we’ve accomplished more the last few months than the last three years. We’re (hopefully) a couple weeks from Certificate of Occupancy. Thank you, Joe, Curtis, Blake, Gene, David, Marshal, Paul, Steve, Elias, Loren, Courtney, David, and Harold for your hard work, encouragement, and guidance.


A 1991 Dodge B250 DajiBagn found us and we adopted it. Because of its low miles (34,000) we’re repairing, replacing or servicing everything that would normally wear with age. We’ll use it to haul things to Winslow in comfort and style.


First, stock size Michelin Defenders and Monroe heavy duty shocks followed by power window repair including guides and seals. Next was to repair AC vacuum lines, fan switch, rod radiator, replace thermostat, belts, and hoses. Then service the transmission and replace all fluids. A new high flow cat. and muffler from Magnaflow with new 3″ pipe and an oxygen sensor to keep the air clean. Lastly, we replaced ALL rubber chassis parts, u-joints, wheel bearings, steering box, and brake rotors and rear brake shoes.

This van feels and drives like new since all wearable chassis components are new and many were upgraded from stock. The interior is still near perfect as a result of low use and seat covers.

UPDATE: Maiden voyage to Winslow via Tucson coming up. We’re picking up an old stained glass door and clearing our storage.

That’s all for now, Lori’s working on a post with photos from the Cinema Festival gala, Winslow snow, Palace progress, and the cute feral kitten she’s taming.

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