Birthday fail saved by Route 66 Sycamore Inn and YZ80 Resurrection

Good people, good motorcycles, and good jackets.
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Gavin rode his Slim up fron San Diego County to pick up his Schott 141.

Lori’s birthday was Friday so I made plans to surprise her with an overnighter at the Mission Inn. Everything went great ’til we arrived at the Hotel. I apparently made the room reservation for Friday and the dinner for Saturday. I got an email confirmation and a reminder from the Restaurant but nothing from the hotel. They charged us for the room so they could have called to see if we were still coming. If they had we would have jumped in the car and driven over. Oh well, now I know to call if I don’t get a confirmation email.
Anyway since Mission Inn was booked for Saturday there was no point eating at their restaurant so we drove to the Sycamore Inn in Rancho Cucamonga. It’s a legendary Route 66 restaurant that pre-dates Route 66. It started as a tavern/inn and was a stop for the Butterfield Stage. The current structure dates back to the 1920s. After dinner we drove west on Route 66 to Glendora and eventually cut south to the OC for dessert at Wild Flour Cakes in Fullerton. The evening ended up a success. Lori has a new favorite cupcake shop and I don’t remember the last time I had a steak as good as Sycamore Inn’s Rib Eye. Lori felt the same about the Filet Oscar plus the staff was very friendly, and professional. We’ll be back!
LINK to Sycamore Inn on Route 66 Rancho Cucamonga

Nice people and good food inside.

Traveler’s welcome here

My second motorcycle was a Yamaha YZ-80A and I’ve been trying to replace it for years. Last August my friend Craig in Texas saw this one for sale in Tucson. I sent the guy a check and he brought it to the El Camino show last October. I’ve bought a few parts for it and decided to tear it down the other day. Surprisingly the top end and the carburetor are in decent shape. The heads on the oil pump cover screws were destroyed and I had to drill them out. The pump’s a mess and will be difficult to remove (it’s soaking in Kroil now), most seals will need replacing, and I’m sure I’ll find more as I get deeper. 

 A Coffee plant, we’ll see how this works out.
The peppers and chiles are healthy
The old press started to crack, the new one makes thinner tortillas, I’m going to make enchiladas now!

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