Don’t ever do this! We did a payed migration of our web hosting to CPanel (whatever that means) about a year ago. It didn’t go well but things still worked. The problem was we would get warnings we were running out of space etc. so a decision was made to stop kicking the can and deal with it. 
Starting with a small site on a domain we no longer use, I deleted a couple folders and killed everything, I mean everything. The dashboard wasn’t even there. I called GoDaddy and they said they would restore it for a reasonable fee. Two days later an email arrived with an apology and a refund. It was smoked. The only option was to “Reset” which meant hosting from a new ISP.
So bear with us / me and stay tuned for more news and updates… like we bought another building in Winslow, across the street and down a block from the Motor Palace. It’s next to the “Standin’ on the Corner” park.
Here’s a link to it, check it out! The Palace Emporium 
My site will be: 66 Motor Palace
For the record we really like Google, GoDaddy, and WordPress.
I just figured out, this site doesn’t have anything about “Two Crows” our place in Yucca Valley. We’re about two miles from the Joshua Tree National Park border, I’ll post more later. It was all on the site I crashed.
Here’s the new place

The Bultaco lives in Winslow now.

We had the Motor Palace painted September 2016

Outside Pioneertown

The Jeep on a trail in Yucca Valley.

Same trail a little earlier.

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