Author: Underachiever

Underachiever born in Southern California, raised in Texas, finished back in California, burning time between California and Arizona. Motorcycles, coffee, tacos, old stuff, and new stuff.

Just Like That it’s Mad Mike

and there we stood in the shadow of a Daredevil. While driving the desert east of Amboy I suddenly remembered. Mad Mike Hughes' command rig is out here waiting for its next mission. About the time I mentioned so to Lori it appeared in the distance. We saw our path, turned and roobasood our way..

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More about that later and Tucson

Ok, now. This poor car never goes anywhere so we went to Tucson... ...and finally stayed at the Hotel Congress. It's a great historic hotel in the middle of Tucson's really cool downtown. What ever happened to the good old days? The view from our window with a sign in case you forget where in..

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Magical Dreamland

Surreal is the New Real. We’re tired of “New Normal” and are running with “New Real.” It doesn’t mean anything but the words are more balanced and sound a little nicer. Besides, who wants to settle for normal? This is what our living /dining transition area looks like to the cats on the roof. They..

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Because we love food we’re sharing some favorites including a few things available at Lori's world famous Mercantile. FOOD Corn tortillas: We don't sell them but here's how to make your own: You take dry corn, soak it in lime and water overnight. Rub the kernels together to remove the loose hulls and rinse well...

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HOW TO NOT TRAVEL Here’s Ted on his Eldorado and Lori with Bondorella on a corner in Winslow Arizona. Please note their advanced social distancing Skills. The Bonneville T120 is dialed in and looking good at David’s old Texaco station. No travelers here! TRAVEL FOOD Tortillas, chilé, frijoles, and Arizona Grass Raised Beef. A taco..

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