Apocalyps disappointed but Christmas is great!

After surviving the Apocalyps we drank coffee and went to Irv Seaver to pick up throttle cables for the R100S and the Orange Farmers Market to buy food. We saw this nice Vette on the way to Irv Seaver.
63 Vette with a big guy wearing a Santa Hat
That ’63 might be faster but this one’s beige!

Then I put a new Lithium Iron battery in the R50. The battery weighs about 1.5 pounds and is smaller than stock. I’m trying it out because I’ve had an ongoing problem with corrosion on the cables with the last two lead acid batteries, even when they are new. I replaced the cable ends with the last battery and had corrosion in about two weeks. If this works better I’ll let you /2 owners know. one thing better is the gen light never came on at idle with headlight and brake light on. That’s a first!

A bath and a new lithium iron battery. 

This Nexx helmet is comfortable.

I saw a similar pic. of an R69S on Deus Ex Machina’s FB page so I copied it.

I like this one!
Waiting for the next Apocalyps.
Lori got me a Leica X2 for Christmas so posts will be photo intense for a while. Sorry…but I love this camera and I’m taking pictures! Here’s a few from Christmas day.

Bultaco Model 68 with Santa in the lower left corner.

Closed for Christmas

More stuff to “creep out” Reef at Slider Magazine. You should check out his blog and photos. He bought an RV and he’s driving around the country ’til he’s ready to stop. 

Christmas Trees!

Orange Plaza. Lori took this ’cause her arms are longer!

Lonely Bull

Here’s a few more from the day after Christmas.

From my table at El Rincon Criollo in Culver City (great Cuban food)

The Porn Sled inside.


The building across the tracks. 
I’ll limit posting photos not related to the subject but you can go to Flickr if you’re interested in seeing more.

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  1. That "Porn Sled" just makes me giggle every time I see it in a photo. Is the plastic front end still pliable, or has it gone all hard and cracked? I really need to see a pic of Lori sitting inside the beige bomber. Something tells me she's truly repulsed by the "sled"! Happy New Year!

  2. Anonymous,

    We appreciate your interest and well wishes. Please refer to our next post. We sincerely hope this clarifies any confusion about Lori's true feelings for the Porn Sled.

    Thank you for reading!

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