In California they change the plants every week so they’re fresh and look the same year round. Here they seem to keep the same ones and we got to see some leaves turning red and gold. Small piles formed and whirled in the draft as Lori rode by. It’s only been a week and a half and it feels like another place.

We stopped at Shelly’s Route 66 Diner after another comfortable stay at the Wagon Wheel. The food is down home and delicious.

We saw a couple cute Pit Bulls running around outside and joked about them being “motorcycle eating dogs.” Lori immediately made friends but they liked her so much they didn’t want her to leave. When she tried to roll they would lunge and bite her front tire. Shelly and a customer came out and held them ’til we could escape. At the next stop sign she still had slobbery chomp marks!

We pulled up to the Elbow Inn with a German Tour group on their way to Chicago. One of the Germans was walking my way and yelled “De Katze” Lori had met “Boots” and he was climbing on to her shoulder where he stayed the remainder of our visit.

Devil’s Elbow is one of those mystic spots where time and space merge. Everyone who’s seen it becomes a mystery for the next traveler to solve.

Chelsea OK is the place we need to be and it’s 300 miles away so back on the road! We took the 66 By-way southwest, got rained on, and made it to Gay Parita Station to look around and meet the legendary Gary. Gary’s another California refugee who has restored an original gas station. He’s done a fantastic job and makes his guests feel welcome. Be sure to visit him when you’re in the area. Thanks Gary for sheltering us in that crazy storm!

Gary also shared a short cut to avoid the detour that got us going east out of Carthage. We got to see the cool stuff between Carthage and Joplin.

From Miami OK. we picked up the old single lane alignment west which actually smoothed out when we got to the mainly dirt section. The Sportsters thought this was cool stuff.

We were greeted by Frank and checked in to an absolutely spotless room at the Chelsea Motor Inn. The positive reviews are true! Another great Route 66 Motel. It rained hard all night and cleared up in time to leave.

Now to the Seaba Museum!

Add Lori and her Pitpals at Shelly’s in Cuba,  MO.
Single lane section south west of Miami, OK. This was cool!
Lori and Boots at the Elbow Inn at Devil’s Elbow south of Rolla, MO.
…after the single lane section turned to dirt.
Crappy shot outside the exceptional Chelsea Motor Inn in Chelsea, OK. Thanks for a nice stay Frank. I expect to see that bike done next time we’re through.
Gay Parita Filling Station, home of Gary. Stop in for a visit!

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