Brian and Lori Law: Our interests in travel, motorcycles, cars, and old things led us to buy a couple of late 1800s buildings in Winslow Arizona, including the 66 Motor Palace.

Brian law

Brian is an accredited New Urbaníst through the University of Miami and has been a lifelong student of urban design and historic preservation. He recently enrolled in a certificate program through Cornell University on Sustainable Historic Preservation. He is chairperson of the Historic Preservation Commission and part time Zoning Hearing Officer with the City of Winslow. He retired from a career managing Harley-Davidson dealerships in 2019.


Lori is a retired videojournalist for NBC Los Angeles, a career that too her around the world and even put a few Emmys on her shelf. She is also a documentary filmmaker, author, and Creative Director for Affeldt Mion Museum in Winslow Arizona. In 2021, she returned to school and is working on a BA in Design Arts through the University of Arizona.

The 66 Motor Palace

The Motor Palace is a historic commercial/residential space where friends and travelers share their passion for all things cool over a fresh cup of coffee, a bottle of milk, or whatever you show up with.

The Motor Palace Mercantile

We will soon be winding down the Motor Palace Mercantile to focus on other interests, but do still have an online store.

MORE HERE: Motor Palace Mercantile

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