We got a few jackets in and had a couple appointments so I messed around in the shop while Lori went to Farmers Market.

We’ll have more sizes in the Women’s One Star and men’s 689H Retro Horsehide next week, Schott’s working hard to fill post holiday orders and they’re almost caught up!
Here’s what arrived this week:
The Perfecto 125 has side laces and a two inch longer tail compared to the regular Perfectos. These are harder to find and sizes are usually limited. You can use a Sam Brown belt with it so you should budget another $75 to buy one.

Schott 125

We’re now stocking the 141. It’s the Naked Cowhide version of their Schott’s Classic Cafe Racer.

Schott 141

Last but not least we’re testing this Jeans Styled Naked Cowhide for warm weather use. The button front allows air in naturally without the bulk and complexity of vents. Plus it looks cool!

Schott 100
I moved some battery chargers around checked on the Shorai Lithium Iron battery I installed in the R50 in December. So far so good…it had 6.5v after about a month and the terminals are still clean. That’s a record in this motorcycle. It seems to start easier too but that’s probably BS.
Road King came home and got docking hardware installed for a solo rack. 

Sunday I slept in and didn’t go outside until about 4:30 in the afternoon. The left throttle cable on the R100 was routed wrong and had a kink in it so I replaced the pair and lubed all the parts in the throttle mechanism. It’s all smooth now and it holds a sync now. I’m going to have to bite the bullet soon and paint the cowl to repair the big ass scratch I put in it when I pushed it into the Buell bar end mirror (don’t worry Buell fans it didn’t leave a mark).

R100S got some well deserved love this weekend. I need to take this out more!

Lori’s helmet came in so I ran up to Deus in Venice. I filled up before leaving and the L-Rod was averaging just under 29MPG when I exited the 90 Freeway in Marina Del Rey. By the time I drove around Venice and got back home it was at 26.6. There must have been a tailwind because it usually does 26 on the highway. This Town Car gets better highway mileage than the Turbo Beetle we had about ten years ago.  

L-Rod pickin’ up Lori’s helmet at Deus Venice. 

Rin Tanaka’s Inspiration show is this weekend so I’ll spend Saturday there after Farmers Market then maybe some riding on Sunday.

El Camino swap meet score a couple years ago. YZ80

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