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…but before you waste your time on this go to Lori’s blog it’s much better.

Goodbye Denver and all the nice people at tha Magnolia Hotel. Thanks for taking good care of us and our motorcycles. Your Valets are the best anywhere!

The Ride
On 70 out of Denver you are immersed in the majestic splendor of steep sided mountain passes, long tunnels, charming towns, dark green forests, and the untamed Colorado river runs with you for miles…plus you can blow through at 65-75 mph. It’s the perfect union of beauty and effeciency. If you have a choice and are coming or going to Denver choose the 70 over the 25. The only disappointment was not stopping in Glenwood Springs. It was one of my favorite places on the way up last time but too close for a first stop. It’s a worthy destination.
Instagram Reruns
I was enjoying the ride so much (and trying to do a little work at gas stops with wi-fi signals) I didn’t get to take many pictures.
Must be a regional thing.

The dinosaur is cute and the gas got us to Green River. 71mph this segment. Lots of down hill.

Green River
This is the entrance to Room with no Number at the River Terrace in Green River. I think all their rooms overlook the river. There’s a restaurant and melon stand next door and they even give you “Saddle Blankets” to wipe down your motorcycles and helmets.
The River Terrace’s complimentary breakfast has the usual bar with cereal, toast, bacon, etc. plus a long list of freshly prepared entrees. Lori and I both went for the Chile Verde Omelette. This was the best Chile Verde Omelette I’ve ever eaten. Our new friends and frequent road trippers seemed to agree.  Al & Sandy shared their table and we had so much fun we’re all going to get a late start. They live in the Reno area and are on their way to Ely Nevada now.
View from bed
Melon Stand
River bank lounge
Prize Winning Melon (it really was good)
Complimentary Saddle Blankets (not pool towels) see Lori’s post.
On to Mexican Hat and Goose Necks!

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