Things move faster at home

It’s been all about catching up the last two weeks. Catching up on good stuff…work, friends, food, motorcycle maintenance, but still catching up. For example; last Sunday I caught up with sleep.

This Morning
I woke up Sunday morning- wait that’s a song and I can’t remember the next line, but it’s not picked up my iPhone, checked email, Instagram, and FB. Our real and FB friend Wendy in Missouri commented she was going to get out of bed to make coffee because John wasn’t home. A wave of anxiety overcame me as I realized Lori was camping and not up stairs making coffee. I would to have to get up if I wanted coffee today. I’m pretty sure I spend too much time on social media but today it probably gave me back two or three hours I would have spent laying in bed waiting for coffee.
Breakfast courtesy of Grampy Pat’s Sourdough, Drip Stop Coffee, Gayton Family Farms of Orange Homegrown Farmers Market!

It’s been hot and humid here since we got back but it’s back to cooling in the evening. As I climbed the stairs for coffee the “forest” smell of the damp, cool air reminded me I would be on the Fatboy soon after breakfast. While eating I heard a single crow and a couple new birds. For a second I felt the anticipation of the next leg on a long ride. The first stop today is a Cajon Pass rendezvous with Lori.
Swelegant Fatboy
I’m leaving now- don’t remember the next line in that song either, guess we’ll have Johnny Cash over for dinner tonight.
Big Bonus!!!
I came in from the garage while this post was loading and the Robin is back making all kinds of noise! He usually hangs out in this Redwood tree but I haven’t heard him since we got home.

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