Lori had a hair appointment Saturday and chose to ride her Bonneville, it’s been sitting awhile so she gave it a nice bath, aired up the tires, and put it on a battery charger for a (little) while. It was a kinda hard to start and didn’t idle too well but we figured the ride to Newport would make everything better. I guess it did until she got into traffic. It still wasn’t idling well and stalled at several intersections. Finally the repeated starts did the poor battery in completely. Luckily she was over the hills and about a mile to PCH. She coasted to a parking lot and walked to the salon in time for her appointment. It didn’t miraculously heal so I picked them up in the truck. Lori has the more exciting version at

Pretty Bonnie
I need an El Camino.
You can’t tell in this picture but her hair color is smashing!
Word around here is this helmet won’t mess up your new-do.

I stumbled across an old hatchet I bought at a yard several years ago and decided to play with it after seeing a funny post on FB by our friend Mike at Morgan’s and Phillip’s. You’ll have to like him on FB and find the post yourself. It’s worth it!

Mostly surface rust
It’s sharp!
Gold Leaf top and 1 Shot.
Gold Leaf butt
Ready for more color
Dry assembly, ready for touch up and clear coat
I’m taking this camping when I figure out how to pitch that tent


We’ve made progress on the ’90 Heritage but it still has a way to go. We removed a few layers, made some adjustments and started polishing things.
There might have a problem with the paint on the tank. The fenders shined up perfect with the exception of marks where the pillion rubbed the rear fender. The clear on the tank seemed soft and stained easily when fuel dripped on it so I took a polisher to it. It looked better but gummed up again when I put wax on it. I wet sanded a patch with 2000 grit and the clear rolled up like pencil eraser dust. It looks like somebody made a boo boo when they cleared over the tank after some work on the emblem (it’s been changed) I’m going to try to strip the bonus clear down to the original clear and try to save it. If not it’s time for new paint!

Spiders are gone
Even looks good in the morning

Fewer eagles and less oxidation

Now she wants to steal it

I took a break from writing this post to make tortillas and this appeared!

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