Monday morning, before the “BIG THING” happened, this is how the north wall of the Motor Palace looked:

The same way it has looked for longer than we’ve owned the building: A boarded-up eyesore. By day’s end, though, that had changed in a big way.

But first… a recap of what’s been happening since our last update in January.

First Train Ride Together

In February, Brian and I hopped a weekend train from Montclair CA to Winslow AZ—an emergency trip in search of our passports (they weren’t there). Because of record level snow fall, the train went extra slow… and we loved every minute of it. The full moon made the world outside the window glow. (P.S. Passports were for a trip to Prague and we DID find them… in California. Click here to read about the Prague Trip.)

Once back from Prague…

We got back to work. The rest of the studs came down on the rear wall. Now we can get the electric into hard-conduit and plan out the kitchen. Thanks Gene Hancock and Crew.

Speaking of the kitchen, we had the water heater moved down to the basement since it took up too much space. Thanks Miller’s Water Works.

Also for the kitchen, I found a really cool 1940s double washboard sink in a salvage yard. Cleaned up perfectly!

After much contemplation, I tore out the old stinky wainscoting lining the north wall. It was absolutely the right decision.

We got a bunch of tuck-pointing done, thank you Curtis Hardy and crew.

Daddy and I took a road trip to pick up this gorgeous 8-foot by 3-foot stained glass window. It needs some repair, but will eventually hang in our kitchen (lit from behind). Brian started the project off by chipping out the old grout holding the window into the frame. Next, replace three missing panes, tighten up the lead cames, and regrout the frame.

Motorcycles and Visitors

As always, a gazillion motorcycle travelers came through town.

Winslow local Robert stopped by on his 2002 Heritage Springer, a bike he has put over 200,000 miles. As usual, he plans to spend the entire summer riding, going first to New York and Sturgis. We’ll see you when you get back in September!

We had a ton of visitors to the Motor Palace, like Canadians Pascal and Manon, shooting a promo video for a Quebec motorcycle tour company Fly & Ride. We also had a nice visit with Don and Sandra from the Tombstone area who are riding to Missouri (see the full story about them on Winslow.Town).

We also had Flagstaff Mayor Coral Evans and friend Bernadine Lewis use the Motor Palace for a fabulous lunch served by local Bluesman Tommy Dukes. (Also written up on Winslow.Town)

What is Winslow.Town you ask?

An online magazine I created focusing on Winslow’s Historic Entertainment District. Check it out.

And now for the Big Thing…

Drum roll please…

The plywood on the side of the building is FINALLY gone!

Woo hoo! Contractor Gene Hancock trimmed out the large opening on the north wall in some heavy-duty 3/8″ steel—a fascinating process to watch.

Not only does it look really cool, the steel added so much strength to that opening. We can now roll up the glass door, get fresh air, and look out onto the corner. Next up, Gene will finish trimming the door and build a barn door to close when we want privacy.

Many thanks…

To all who are helping move this thing forward and to the visitors who show so much enthusiasm for the project Brian and I love so much.

Until next time…

Later Gators!

P.S. In case you’re wondering, I am still obsessed with Babbitt the FeralCat.

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