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Magical Dreamland

Surreal is the New Real.

We’re tired of “New Normal” and are running with “New Real.” It doesn’t mean anything but the words are more balanced and sound a little nicer. Besides, who wants to settle for normal?

This is what our living /dining transition area looks like to the cats on the roof. They need to clean the skylight.
Cozy motorcycles relaxing on a cold winter night.
A couple shots from the workshop.
67 Triumph T120 from behind with Sportster in foreground
BMW R100S with smoked red and
The city and McCauley construction did a great job overhauling KInsley Ave. in the Downtown Historic District.
Winslow Theater with Caterpillar road grader and dirt road.
Motor Palace Mercantile in the morning with graded dirt road waiting for new pavement.
Easy access to the “Great Outdoors” is a good thing!
Lori sitting on large rock formation at Chevelon Canyon and Territorial Road
Territorial Rd. bridge across Chevelon Canyon
Lori on her stomach looking over rock at pine forest below.
Roy’s is still cool at 122º and they have a working airport.
I spend a lot of time butchering lines in AutoCAD and am slowly developing my skills. Fortunately the bars on Chupacabra are perfect for transporting plans.
Black and yellow Harley-Davidson Badboy Springer with blueprints strapped to handlebars at Barton Architecture in Winslow
We made a quick trip to Gallup and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at El Rancho Hotel.
Sign at El Rancho Hotel from north facing balcony. “Happy Trails-Come Back Soon” and blue late afternoon New Mexico Sky with puffy white clouds.
1991 Dodge B 250 van right front quarter

Time to GET IN THE VAN. Bye for now!

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